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Digital Marketing

What Trends Are Rising In Social Media?

In modern times, social media is becoming an integral part of our lives.  Many people presently are spending a lot of their time on social media and it has now become a part of their daily routine. It has become a channel for brands and different eCommerce businesses to connect with their targeted audience through using different social media strategies. The content available on social media is overloaded hence making the competition complex. Because of this growing competition, it is getting tough for people to stand out in the crowd.

How are social media trends evolving?

With the growth of social media, a variety of social media trends are evolving rapidly. These rapidly changing social media trends are building challenges for social media marketers and brands to stand out without a clear social media marketing strategy. However, staying updated with the growing and evolving trends can help them keep abreast of this growing competition. There is a range of social media trends that social media marketers and brands need to know. For Social media marketing Birmingham UK, Cleartwo IT providers are presenting the best social media marketing services to make your business shine on social media.

Rising Trends of Social Media

Several trends are rising over recent years. Social media marketers and brands have to keep an eye on the evolving and latest trends and evolve accordingly. The growing range of social media trends are:

1.Live streaming becoming a new normal

The Global pandemic in 2020 has made businesses digital at an increased level. Face-to-face meetings turned into conferences on the zoom platform and live events turned into live streams. So, the trend of live streaming rose on social media.

2.Stories on social media

Averagely over 500 million users of Instagram interact with each other through Instagram stories regularly. Posting stories on social media has become dominant in recent years. If the brands are not using this trend, they need to take this approach.

3.Social E-commerce plan

Almost three out of every ten people are using social media for the marketing of their online business. The modern generation is more into online shopping nowadays however do half of their shopping online. By moving with this trend, your online business will never go to lose out on the benefits.

4.Engaging video content

During the lockdown, the trend of videos has become even more popular. Because of this trend, many online businesses and platforms are using video features for marketing their business.

5.Augmented and virtual reality

In 2021, Augmented reality AR and Virtual reality VR are top trending. Many advanced companies have provided the feature of AR that allows the users to try on the products before even purchasing them. Snapchat and Instagram are the platforms providing a variety of filters to share them across.

There is a variety of social media trends that are evolving day by day and are ruling 2021. By adapting to these rising trends, you will stay ahead of your competitors. If you have not yet adapted to these growing trends, it’s time to leverage your brand, keep abreast of the latest developments, and use these trends to build a higher reputation for your brand.

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