What Technologies Can Help Prevent Cargo Delays?

Technologies Can Help Prevent Cargo Container Tracking Delays

Shipping delays can lead to a number of problems to various online retailers. In general, about 10-12% of the package faces delay irrespective of the carrier that you are using. This tends to increase during the time of peak session.

So, if you don’t find a way to deal with the issue, then it can affect the reputation of your organization. Hence, it can get very hard to find new customers as well as retain existing customers. This is where the cargo container tracking can come into the play.

The problem can easily be mitigated with branded and accurate tracking pages and emails. In this way, customers can be updated regarding the order status.

So, in this article, we would discuss about how technologies can help to prevent cargo delays. Let us have a look:-

What are the aspects that can lead to Shipping Delays?

If the deliveries are delayed, then eCommerce store reputation can be damaged. In the process, the trust of the customers can be broken as well.

Thus, this is one of the last things that a business owner would want. But, there can be instances where it can lead to unavoidable deliveries. So, some of the causes behind it are:-

  • Occurring events

The ongoing events that tend to happen across the globe can have a lot of effect on the supply chain. For instance, the delay that has happened due to coronavirus has been felt all across the world. Hence, it can be a major cause behind the delayed deliveries.

  • Domestic Vs. International Shipping

Delay that tends to happen in international shipping tends to happen due to a number of reasons which includes bad weather as well as congestion in the airport.

Likewise, packages can also get hold due to issues in customs. So, make sure that you fill the paperwork related to international shipping in a correct and proper manner.

On the other hand, there are a number of reasons through which domestic shipping can get affected as well. Some of these include construction, traffic, detours, accidents and roadblocks.

Lastly, some of the reasons shipments can get delayed are high volumes, failed attempt of delivery, problem of vehicle etc.

  • Holidays

If we talk about Ecommerce Company, then holidays are perhaps the prime time. So, during the following time, huge spikes can be witnessed.

Thus, there can be increase in the volume of the shipment and capabilities of the courier can get overwhelmed as well. This can especially be true in the case proper delivery volume is not present. So, delay can occur especially in the time when customers are looking out for the orders.

  • Supply chain

Another major reason behind delayed deliveries is the logistics problems. Most of the constraints that happen in supply chain are due to a number of reasons. These include non-capacity to store or process the orders during the time of major sales or holidays.

This problem can also occur during the journey of last mile when the package is getting delivered to the doorsteps of the customers. The following situation happens when the capacity of the workforce is very less or in an event when not a lot of vehicles are present.

  • Customs

If the shipments are done internationally, then you as well as your carrier would have to go through customs requirements. Consequently, it is very important that documents of the custom are attached in a correct way.

If not, then the package would get hold by the custom for a long time until the time you present them with the right information. Also, if you take the services of a reliable courier provider, then they can assist you navigating the delays of the customs.

Further, in some of the cases they will provide with customs paperwork automatically such that the delays in the customs in avoided.

  • Wrong address

If a customer provides an address which is wrong or misspelled or company is not able to document the order of the client properly, then Delivery Company would not have the right information for getting the package delivered.

So, all of these can contribute towards delay in shipments as well as the shipment not being able to get delivered right.

Thus, it is important that you address the email in the right way such that any problem which might come with delivery might be avoided.

How the delay in shipping can affect the business negatively?

Talking about the eCommerce retail space, a final sale would not be considered till the time buyer finishes the checkout process. But rather that is done when the order reaches the doorstep of the customers.

So, if the deliveries are delayed, then ecommerce retail operations can get delayed. Thus, it can impact your business negatively. Thus, here are some of the things that can lead to late deliveries:-

  • It is seen that about 70% of buyers are less likely to shop again if the purchase doesn’t get delivered within two days of the delivery.
  • About 17% of the buyers are less likely to shop once the delivery is late. On the other hand, 55% of the retailers won’t shop from the retailers once two or three deliveries are being used.
  • It will cost you about 25 times to get a new customer as compared to the one that already exists.
  • Customer retention can be boosted for up to 95% as compared to loyal customers.

Tips through which shipping delays can be easily dealt

Even if you have streamlined your shipping operations and business processes, there are high chances that delayed shipments can occur. So, irrespective of the cause, the customer would very well treat that as a problem. Further, there is risk of you losing your customer to your competition if the right solution is not provided.

Thus, in order to deal with it, right response need to be provided such that reputation of the brand can be safeguarded. Thus, here are some tips through which shipping delays can be fixed. Let us have a look:-

  • Communication with customers

If you want to deal with delays, then you need to get in touch with customers. Further, tell them why they are not getting all the orders on time. You can make use of emails or Facebook Messenger but you would get better results if direct calls to the customers are made.

In this way, you would be able to make personalized solution and the customers would like the extra effort that you have put in to call them. Likewise, it is recommended that each details of the order delays need to be discussed and estimate can be given regarding package.

  • Free shipping is offered

With free shipping expectations of the customers for fast shipping can be lowered. Talking about freight tracking, customers won’t expect next-day or same day delivery.

Once the expectation is lowered, then you can put in the best efforts such that delays can be avoided. In this way, you will get competitive advantage that comes alongside with fast shipping.

  • Tracking of the shipment

If a shipping method is put into place, then all your customers can get the information of tracking in the real time. In this way, frustration and anxiety associated with delays can be reduced significantly. This can especially be true in the case of cargo logistics tracking.

If the tracking number is shared with the customers, then they can check the status of the shipping easily.

  • Domestic supplier’s partnership

If you work alongside with domestic suppliers having warehouses in targeted countries can be very beneficial. In this way, orders can be fulfilled from the warehouse that is closest.

Thus, delivery delays are avoided and shipping times for the products is reduced significantly.

Hence, all your goods can reach out to customers in the right manner.

  • Provide the discount and offers

If you present your customers with inexpensive gifts or coupon codes, then frustrations can be neutralized. In this process, some amount of money might be involved but it is much better than customers giving you bad reviews for your products. In this way, a lot of potential customers can be turned away.

Final Verdict

Above are some of the ways through which technologies can be used such that cargo delays are reduced. Likewise, customer retention practices can be put into place such that proper communication can be done and customers can very well understand all the problems. They would also have an idea about the solutions that you are thinking to use.

In this way, shipping delays negative effects can be reduced and your business would prosper. You can also connect alongside OpenTrack as they would provide you with the best fleet tracking software. Thus, you can easily get in touch with them through call or email.

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