What Must You Know Before Buying Candle Boxes?

Candles can make the perfect gift for anyone, no matter what. Candles can be functional, decorative or stunning while leaving a soothing aroma. If you intend to give someone a candle or a set of candles as a gift, you will need to have boxes of candles.

candle boxes with logo is perfect for packing and displaying these beautiful candles for your business and play those feelings taught by candles in a better way through a box. You can customize these boxes in the form of a candle and nature so it can make a difference between different types of candles. Such custom packaging separates the candles from each other creates a distinctive difference between the candles of other manufacturers. Packing your delicate and lovely candles into such custom boxes not only enhances the beauty of the product but also protects them from the elements.

Candle packaging gives an exterior look and protection to your handmade or ready-made candles. To evoke emotions and feelings for a moment or a good event, you need to pack the candles in solid custom printed boxes so that they can retain their scent until they reach the mark.

Begin with choosing the suitable materials

It will help if you choose boxes made with suitable materials to retain the inside product looks appealing. Candle box packaging is to be made out of wood or cardboard. Wooden boxes provide a more intimate touch and decoration for a typical candle gift because they are usually handmade. Cardboard is a widely available product made from pressed tree wood.

Cardboard packaging is easy to hold and can be customized in many ways to suit your needs or to show the person to whom it may offer. Whatever makes the box, all the boxes are filled with layers of soft tissue paper to keep the candle safe.

All candle boxes can be decorated at the end, no matter what you want. If your candle in a box made of wood, you can be happy with the look of the whole pack; this is the same as if the box package is cardboard and has an adorable pattern without it. However, both of these things make it much easier to change. Cardboard can be wrapped in fabric and painted to create a personal style.

Card-stock: The most appropriate size of card stock is 14pt. choose this material wisely and according to the product dimensions.

Eco-Kraft: Eco-Kraft material is a rotting material that is available in khaki color. Also, it does not harm the environment even at 1% because it re-operates as often as you like. We use it to save our mother’s environment from some pollution and other waste. These boxes will keep the candle safe from any cracks during travel and will also keep it at cool temperatures.

Corrugated: Alternatively, we use tin materials for shipping purposes. It is the most congested, and it helps to make the shipping process easier and more accessible. Shipping is a very tedious process, and we wish to make it easier for you by providing safe and robust materials. The tin consists of dense flutes that continue to add to its width.

It should be the perfect size for your candles

The size of the box used to place the candle will depend on the size of the candles. There are various candles, ranging from large church candles to tea lamps and ordinary candles to create light at a romantic feast. You can also choose to present your candles in a separate custom box. Traditionally many boxes are used for cube or oblong-shaped candles, although you can also find circular box packaging to make you feel special.

Coatings & Printing makes it Look More Appealing

You should choose the Coatings and printing methods available to enhance your boxes visual look and market value. Some standard layers are listed below:

Gloss Coating: It makes the boxes glow in the light. Indeed, it is one of the most intriguing ways to attract your customer’s attraction. If you plan to keep it simple and chic, then this is the right option for you.


Matte Coating: This matte coating is another sticky alternative that serves its purpose of adding to the darkness and market value of your products. It covers the entire box with sleeveless covers and makes you look fun but catch the eye.

You ever wondered how to attract your customers to your candle boxes?

The answer is to use new and bright printing methods. Two different ways are available:

  • Digital printing
  • Offset printing

Digital printing is perfect for low-end printing items in boxes like photos and animation. However, it is an affordable method that is simple enough to use. At the same time, using offset printing to print photos, logos, articles, and many more. Offset printing is less expensive, but you can save money by printing all the boxes at once.

Now that you know the difference between the two, you can decide how you would like to use it.

Keep Your Targeted Customers in Your mind while opting for custom candle boxes

It will help if you need to keep your audience & their interests in mind. People are very attracted to well-packaged candles, so they think that suppliers with such beautiful packages will have good quality candles inside. Using a combination of soft colors, fragrances intangible intimacy in the boxes will surely and emotionally enhance your sales. These boxes are for many purposes, such as candlestick boxes or candle gift boxes. So create candle packaging with different cuts and windows that give off fragrances and show off your candle products in a fantastic way.

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Got more Questions?

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