What material do You recommend for signage building to your Client?

When we talk to potential customers who have never worked with a logo company, we often receive many questions about how we plan and complete specific custom projects. (Don’t worry, we are happy to answer every question, because hey, we get it!) One of the most common questions that potential customers ask us is, “What material do you recommend for my custom sign project?” for each custom project All are unique.

Regarding the type, design, manufacturing, and installation methods of the sign. Therefore, each project needs to provide different specific materials for this type of sign. Let’s take a look at the first three materials that we often use to create awesome projects you see on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest!

We recommend using cast vinyl for projects such as textured surface applications and vehicle packaging. Cast vinyl is a film with excellent moldability. In other words, it can be stretched and molded into rough, round, or asymmetric surfaces. Casting vinyl is a smart investment because it provides durability for textured surfaces and mobile advertising projects. When using high-performance UV-protective laminates, it can protect artworks from sunlight and keep colors bright. (Disclaimer: Appropriate measures need to be taken to ensure that the material remains in good condition.

For more information, please contact us!) After proper maintenance, the material can be used for up to five years! Calendered vinyl is not as compliant as cast vinyl. If we apply calendered vinyl to a textured surface, it will quickly return to its original shape. We cannot easily manipulate the material to mold it into another shape or form. Calendered vinyl is ideal for smooth or slightly curved surfaces such as floors, walls, windows, or temporary graphics.

Our in-house designers are devoted to upholding your logo identification as though it were our personal. making use of programs and machines, our designers are captivated with their capacity to deliver lifestyles into the visible image cutting-edge your logo.

Each latest our production facilities are geared up with the era, equipment, and manufacturing experts to manufacture a spread present-day product consisting of: Channel Letters, container symptoms, Pylon/Monument signs and symptoms, Directional signs and symptoms, interior signs and symptoms, and digital Prints & Vinyl.

Custom Signage is what our reputation became constructed on! at the same time as the Citrus crew focuses particularly on countrywide and multi-location tasks, our discern organization is devoted to the introduction and fabrication of present-day custom Signage. To learn extra approximately our custom signage offerings, go to

As experts in the signage industry, we have the responsibility to provide customers with the best design and manufacturing options for custom projects. We may not save people from collapsed buildings like Spider-Man, but we can provide you with directional sign tools and materials suitable for any escape plan.

We are one of the top Orlando Sign Company in Florida. Our expertise is in business signs and channel letter signs.

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