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Arts and Entertainment

What Makes A Photograph Extraordinary?

Photos don’t need captions. They are the source of visual communication that doesn’t require words to convey their story.

With no language barrier, people buy photographs online. Because it evokes a variety of emotions among viewers from different parts of the world.

Every year thousands of photos get clicked in different genres, but the key element that separates extraordinary photos from ordinary ones is their realness.

In a nutshell, realness means authentic detailing of subjects that flaunt imperfection to make viewers believe that people in photos are humans like them. It leads to nurturing of a bond between the subject and its viewer.

But if you are wondering, what are the key elements that bring realness or originality to a photograph?

To help you figure it out, this article has curated two prime approaches. Creative and technical, along with all-time iconic shots by famous photographers to make you understand how these two approaches work.

The creative approach to photography

Creativity provides photographers with a new perspective to see things.

It helps them to interpret their subject in a unique way that brings better results in the form of magnificent shots.

So, here are 3 popular creative techniques photographers apply to capture stunning images.


Reflections are incredibly beautiful.

Hence to sustain its beauty in photos, it is better to mix it with reality.

To make their reflection photos stand out, photographers seek excellent reflection surfaces on water, glass, and ice and flaunt the detailing of their subjects.


Natural frames like trees, windows, and doorways offer an extra edge to photos by complementing and highlighting their subject.

Framing is used to support the subject, and give viewers the impression that they are witnessing captured scenery in a real location.


Silhouette is a classic art form used by photographers to click stunning and timeless photos.

In this photography style, viewers see the dark figure outline of the subject against a bright background which develops a bit of mystery and hooks their attention.

So, after understanding some creative approaches and how they help make photos compelling, the next step is to analyze the technical elements of photography.

The technical approach to photography

It is critical to focus on numerous aspects of the scene in order to create meaningful photographs, and technical details are one of them.

So, here are 4 fundamental technical elements of photography-


The quality of light in photography is vital because it illuminates the scene and subject by focusing on the primary aspects of the frame.

Furthermore, an image texture enhances by a well-balanced mix of shadows and highlights.


Colour is a compositional tool that evokes emotion among viewers by setting the deep tone of an image.

For instance, light colours signify calm and tranquil feelings, whereas bright colours indicate warmth and vibrant.

Therefore using appropriate colours in an image develop an intense impact. On viewer by touching their emotional feelings like mystery, excitement, bliss, poignant, or empathy.


Composition is an effective method to turn your ordinary scene into extraordinary by efficiently placing the subject to grab the viewer’s attention.

To understand the concept of composition, there are several rules and principles to explain elements like curves, patterns, lines, shapes, etc.

For budding photographers, it is advisable to use the ‘rule of third’ to capture the well-composed shots.


Angle is also a prime element that promotes your technical photography knowledge among viewers.

The mantra of every successful photographer is to tweak their camera angle either by lying on the ground or shooting up from high.

It helps them to modify their ordinary subject into an extraordinary photo.

Great! Now you have understood the key approaches to making a photograph astonishing. However, knowing instances is essential for a better understanding of any concepts.

As a result, here is the list of famous photographers who have applied these elements to their classic shots.

The iconic photos you really need to see!

Behind the Gare Saint Lazare by Henri Cartier Bresson (1932)

This all-time favourite shot was captured by Henri Cartier- the master of street photography.

On asked how he got the inspiration to capture this shot. He revealed that he was standing behind the Gare Saint Lazare station, equipped with his camera to click some perfect moments around him.

Then, capturing such a fleeting moment shown in the picture. Where the man leaping across the puddle of water spells out Gare’s swift speed. And instinct skills in photography.

Straight composition, reflection, and subject seem to copy the poster in the background are minor detailing elements making this photo iconic.

Milk Drop By Harold Edgerton (1957)

Some moments in our life are ‘blink, and you’ll miss it’ moments that are impossible to view with our naked eyes.

But in the 50s, this stop-motion shot changed the level of photography.

By acknowledging aesthetic and scientific goals in mind. Harold and his team combined high-tech strobe light with a camera shutter motor to capture visual clarity in vivid colours.

The crystal grotto by Christian Klepp

This impressive ice cave image clicked by Christian Klepp did absolute fairness in expressing the natural beauty of this 1000-year-old glacial ice.

The framing of deep blue colour ice lined with several black horizontal layers beautifies the panoramic view of the yellow-red sky of sunset.

Also, the composition and colour temperature are so overwhelming they will never fail to arouse the emotions of awe, humility, and admiration in viewers.

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