What is Tasbih?

In Islamic tradition, Tasbih (prayer) is an act of worship. It is performed by reciting verses of the Holy Quran in a beautiful voice. It is one of the five pillars of Islam. In Arabic, tasbih means “instrument of supplication.”

Since ancient times, imams recite tasbih for different religious purposes such as Hajj (pilgrimage) to Mecca and Medina. They do this to bring closer the love and prayers of the people to Allah. For Muslims who attend the mosques or the houses of worship, they perform the same activity when they go to pray.

The recitation of verses in prayer tasbih is not limited to Muslims alone. People from all religions and castes do so. But for Muslims, imams are the ones who are qualified to do it because of the clear instructions of Allah. He has specific instructions on how to recite the prayer tasbih and the specific words used.

prayer tasbih

There are many imams in Islam. Some are from Africa and they have their own style of prayer tasbih. But in spite of the different styles of prayer tasbih, they all basically say the same words. It all starts with Tuhan (Allah) and Ham (God). Then the name of the prayer tasbi is recited by one Imam to another.

This is the process that has been in existence since Islam’s inception. But now things have changed. Taweezil (asking permission) is no longer done because it is considered unnecessary and is viewed as encroaching on the personal right of the leader. So instead of asking permission, imams just recite tasbih without asking anyone’s permission. It is a fastened process that takes place in almost all mosques in Nigeria.

Many non-Muslims do not know about the existence of imams. But the Muslims know them better than anyone. In fact, the more one knows about them, the better position he is in. If you want to receive tasbih from an imam, then you have to make sure that you have asked him for it. Otherwise, it will be considered a selfish act and you will be denied your tasbih.

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In Islam, tasbih is seen as a blessing from Allah. Therefore, it is essential that we do it only for him. Any other action may be seen as idolatry and that is something which we should never consider. All Muslims are taught to respect the religious leaders and the imams. Therefore, it is not selfish to ask permission for tasbih.

All religions say that tasbeeh beads are a right of every Muslim. However, not all Muslims follow that same teaching. The followers of Islam differ in their practices with regard to tasbi. Some allow it for themselves, some for their children, and some allow both. The followers of Islam should always respect the religious leaders and the imams.

Tasbi is a way to praise and thank God for whatever he has bestowed upon us. It is a way to express appreciation and thanks to our religion, to our imams, to our holy book, to our teachers, to our holy prayer, and to our nation. When tasbih is mentioned, the whole congregation bows down and extends their hands towards the ground. This is a common practice in almost all mosques in Egypt and across the globe.


The people of Islam also believe tasbi is a symbol of submission to Allah. That is why they were angry when American troops entered Afghanistan and took a religious vow of tasbi for all Americans. You should always treat others well and don’t forget about tasbi.

There are many ways to get in touch with Allah and Islam. You can get in touch with him through his verses or through tasbih. There are thousands of preachers who are ready to educate you on tasbih. Tasser Abdul-Jabbar is a well-known preacher in America and Canada and a very famous writer. If you visit any Islamic bookstores in your area or browse on the internet, you will find hundreds of books on tasbi and on Islam in general.

Tasbih is seen as a miracle from Allah. Therefore, it is essential that we do it only for him. Any other action may be seen as idolatry and that is something which we should never consider. All Muslims are taught to respect the religious leaders.. Therefore, it is not greedy to request permission.

You can also get a private tutor who is well trained in tasbeeh beads. use tasbih to learn about the religious beliefs of Islam. Read the tasbih to understand the meaning and messages of tasbi. You can practice tasbih by performing regular prayers and doing your daily tasks as a Muslim.read more

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