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what is inverter? and its advantages and disanvantages

What is an inverter?

what is you should know An inverter is, by electronic definition, a converter that converts electricity from direct dc to alternating current ac. Starting electric motors has several methods, the best of which is through the inverter.

Although this method, like other methods, has advantages and disadvantages, but with It is important to state this point because, according to experts in this field,

starting an electric motor through an inverter is one of the best methods currently in the world.

The inverter, which also has other names such as AC drive – remote control drive or variable speed control – single phase drive- three phase speed controller-

variable frequency drive – variable voltage drive, is an electronic device that in recent years for important advantages of its use in industry Various is growing and expanding.

This popularity has led the drive to go beyond the industry to be used in home applications. As other names for inverters imply, an drive can move an electric motor or pump motor at different speeds or at different speeds. Using an drive has many advantages, some of which are mentioned.

Application of speed controller in electric motor

important Inverter in relation to the electric motor The role of complete protection as well as safe start-up without damaging the motor from zero to one hundred motors and also from one hundred to zero motors.

Inverter is a device for controlling the motor speed. And the best way to start electric motors is to use ac drives or drives.

Another very important point is that all over the world there is a lot of difference in optimizing the start of the electric motor. More interestingly, the highest amount of electricity consumption in the world is by electric motors,

and since the best way to start motors is by drive, one of the largest profitable businesses in the world is the business of ac drives or inverters.

Important points in choosing an inverter

One of the most important things in choosing a VFD inverter is to check the motor specifications. The end plate of the motor can indicate the needs of an

electric motor that must be installed on the same basis as the relevant drive. Motor power and voltage are among the main parameters for selecting a suitable inverter.

If the electric motor is old, you should pay attention to the type and class of insulation. It should also be noted that the thermal class of engines can vary in different conditions. Optimal ventilation and cooling should be done for the motor and inverter.

Temperature gradients can cause irreparable damage to the engine and drive. The length of the cables connecting to the drive should be a standard value. Increasing the length of these cables can save voltage in the motor body.

Inverter advantages

There are advantages and disadvantages to using an inverter, some of which are mentioned:

The inverter has a gentle slope when starting and stopping the motor, which prevents high inrush current in the network and also kicks the motor, which increases the life of the electric motor, which is excellent.

industrial inverter does not have a low starting torque, in other words, at low speeds, high torque or high driving power can be considered, which is an excellent advantage.

The contactor is no longer needed to turn the electromotor left and right, that is, the left and right contactors with the inverter in the circuit are practically eliminated.

Reduce energy consumption (electricity).

The inverter has a separate application for use in each application and settings related to the same type of consumption.
No capacitive bank is required to start the motor with the inverter.If the settings for the inverter are selected correctly, the drives will protect the desired device according to its use,

and no additional protective devices are needed, and it will reduce the side cost.In this method, the reactive power is close to zero, ie the COS (∅) is close to one.

Apply a frequency higher than the rated frequency of the motor by the drive . In fact, the inverter can create a higher frequency than the frequency of the city electricity.

For example, there are drives that have an output frequency of even 2.5Hz. One of the applications that can not be started with the city frequency is the spindle, while the same spindle can be started easily with the inverter.

Inverter Disadvantages

Purchase price and high cost of drives in Iran Create harmonics in the power grid to switch components
The output of the sine wave inverter is not complete and it is of PWM type which causes losses in the motor.

What is automation?

Mechanization of equipment to increase productivity in accordance with global and international standards is called automation. Automation is a general template that is used for different equipment with different applications.

For example, in office systems, office automation is used for mechanization, and industrial automation is used for industrial systems.

part of Inverter is one of the equipments that is widely used in industrial automation. It is more inverter than devices related to control equipment.

an Automation product includes a variety of equipment that is tailored to the same equipment, automation.

Automation goods

Automation goods include the following equipment and parts:

  • Installation
  • measurement
  • Lighting
  • Capacitive bank
  • automation
  • fire alarm
  • Control
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic
  • One of the elements of industrial automation is the inverter. To select it, you need the details of the load and the specifications of the electric motor.
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