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What is a Hybrid solar system?

Solar systems are gaining popularity in today’s times of energy crisis. When electricity bills are increasing day by day, we need to find alternatives to sustain and stay within our limited budgets. One of the most popular alternative solutions to this problem has been the hybrid solar system in India. The solar system can completely replace the traditional power grid electricity supply and make the best use of renewable solar energy. If appropriately implemented, hybrid solar systems can become very useful for commercial and residential properties in the long run. You can give a chance to the best Solar Company in Chandigarh for installing and implementing solar systems.

Hybrid Solar System

A hybrid solar system refers to the type of grid system that can store energy for later use. Unlike grid-tie systems, they can store energy for backup power supply during blackouts. The word ‘hybrid’ refers to the ability to convert solar energy into electricity and store excess energy for later use. The battery is used in these hybrid solar systems to store energy and serve as a backup, just like an uninterrupted power supply. The typical layout of these systems would have solar panels, hybrid inverter, grid, battery, and the usage unit like household appliances in the circuit.

Pros and Cons of Hybrid Solar System

Let us discuss the various advantages and disadvantages of using hybrid solar systems manufactured by the best solar company in Chandigarh:


Ability to store solar energy

The advantage of hybrid solar systems is that they can store energy for later use. It works just like a UPS, which can offer uninterrupted power during blackouts. This is very useful for households that face power cuts often. Without spending on electric inverters, you can store the excess solar energy from daytime to use in these times of blackouts.

Low-cost electricity

Who does not like to save a little more on electricity bills? The best way to do so these days is by installing an efficient hybrid solar system. It can convert free and natural solar energy into electricity without requiring too many devices. This will help you save a lot on your electricity bills.

Good for energy independence

If you are using the hybrid solar system, you would not need to rely solely upon electricity from power grids. This encourages energy independence and allows efficient energy management in the household. You will also get a better idea of the amount of energy you use and how to manage it appropriately.


Higher cost than solar grids

Hybrid solar systems involve solar inverters and batteries. This increases the total cost of their installation and purchase in comparison to the solar grids.

Limited battery life

On average, a hybrid solar system would have a battery life of 7 to 15 years. This limited battery life can post to be a problem if you’re looking for something long-term.

Limited capacity

The total capacity of the hybrid solar system depends upon its inverter and its capacity limit. Beyond the given limit, you would not be able to run appliances at one time.

The Price List of 5kw, 10kw

5kW hybrid solar system

If we look at the price point for a 5-kilowatt hybrid system, it would be approximately ₹3,51,195. This setup would have 15 solar panels and 8 solar batteries. The average space required for the setup would be 30 square meters. The backup time could be 4 to 6 hours for a 3500-watt load.

10kW hybrid solar system

For a 10kW hybrid solar system, the cost involved would be ₹6,17,222. This setup would come with 30 solar panels and 10 solar batteries. It requires 60 square meters of sunlit and open space. On average, you can expect it to run a backup for 4 to 6 hours with a load of 7000 watts.


Using a hybrid solar system is a good idea if you want to reduce your electricity bills and find a sustainable option. Working with the best Solar Company in Chandigarh, you would be able to find effective and efficient hybrid solar systems that work well with your specific requirements and criteria.


Is installing a solar hybrid system worth it?

It is beneficial to install hybrid solar systems as Solar Company Punjab offers the benefits of off-grid and on-grid solar systems and power backup.

Is net metering available in hybrid solar systems?

Yes, net metering is available in hybrid solar systems. The excess power can be sent to the utility grid, and subsidies on the same can be available.

What is the average power generation of a hybrid solar system?

On average, a 5kW hybrid solar system would be able to generate 20 units per day. On the other hand, a 10kW hybrid solar system would generate 40 units per day.



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