What are the uses of simple brown paper bags?

Paper bags have gained popularity over the years owing to their biodegradable nature. In times when plastic is degrading the environment and questioning the sustainability of our only planet, brown paper bag can be seen as a boon. 

From lunches to your daily groceries, you can carry everything in these bags. Other things that make them a go-to-option are their reusability and recyclability. The bags are manufactured using a paper bag making machine and possess excellent strength to carry different types of products.

You can find a wide variety of paper bags in the market that differs based on their size and design. The credit for the versatility of bags goes to the paper bag-making machine manufacturers who offer machines that can produce a range of paper bags within minutes. 

But can you only use these bags to carry goods? Don’t they serve any other purpose? If these questions are also bothering you, this article will inform you about the different uses of simple brown paper bags.

Here are a few useful things you can do with a brown paper bag:

Ripe fruits and vegetables faster

By simply storing some fruits in the brown paper bags, you can faster their ripening process. Fruits like pears, peaches, bananas, avocados, tomatoes, and others can be kept in these bags. You just need to place the fruit inside, roll the top of the bag closed, and leave it for a day or two. The bags trap the ethylene gas released from the fruits that make the fruits ripe faster.

Make popcorn

You can easily make delicious popcorn in these bags. Add some kernels with your favorite seasoning in the bag and keep it in the microwave for a minute or two. It is super easy to make popcorn in paper bags. So the next time you crave popcorn, don’t forget to use a paper bag.

Serve snacks

Avoid a big pile of unwashed dishes after a party or small get-together by serving snacks in brown paper bags. They have an excellent rustic look and act as perfect serving bowls, along with saving you from the efforts of cleaning more dishes when the party’s over. Cut the top of the bag or roll it down to pour different snacks of your choice. 

Clean windows

Do you know that brown paper bags are great window cleaners? To clean windows, tear open a paper bag, bunch it, and use it to clean windows. People out there use paper bags or newspapers to clean windows and mirrors because they clean them with a shine.

Grocery shopping

Many retail stores use brown paper bags to pack their products for their customers. The bags possess good strength and can hold multiple goods at once. They can be carried easily and keep essentials safe. 

Collect recycle products

You can use these bags to collect your recyclable products. When they get full, you can take them to recycling centers without the need to transfer the products to other containers. 

Compost collection

When it’s about collecting things, paper bags are a great option. You can use these bags to collect kitchen biodegradable waste, and once it is full, you can throw the entire bag into the compost pile to increase the fertility of your garden’s soil.

Gift wrapping

The bags can be great gift wraps too. You can use them to wrap small gifts. Cut the bag vertically and lay it out flat, and use it to wrap your gift. You can add a beautiful appeal to the packing by wrapping a piece of cute twine around. This will make your gift look good.

A good filler material

Pass brown paper bags through a paper shredder to create filler material for decor items and other products. You can also use the shredded paper as cushion material for storage products.

To bring out the artist in you

Cut open some paper bags and make them useful for your paintings and drawing projects. You can even use them to prevent your tabletops from getting messed with the colors.

Pack lunches

Paper bags keep food fresh for longer. If you go to the office or school and have a habit of carrying homemade food, these paper bags can be of great help. You can even use these bags to carry food like sandwiches and others to picnics.

Parting thoughts

The points mentioned above must have provided you a picture of how many ways brown paper bags can be helpful. These bags, along with providing a way for people to do many things, are also beneficial for the environment. Unlike plastic bags, these reusable bags cause no threat to the environment and biodegrades completely, keeping the surroundings clean. 

There are multiple manufacturers in the market with efficiently functional bag making machines to offer customers bags in different sizes and designs. You can even get customized bags to fulfill your exact needs.

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