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Warm-Up Strength Tricks You Should Know About

Warming up. A lot has been studied and said about it. Bodybuilding has a lot of appeals and most of the guys get into it to impress the ladies. And they do, no doubt about that. Who wouldn’t want their guy to look all muscular and strong? Apart from choosing the best anabolic steroids for sale, they need to be strict about warm-ups as well. Newbies often tend to ignore this aspect. Warm-ups are crucial. When you warm up, it switches on the muscles and gives them a kickstart that you need in the workout.

When you warm up, you greatly lessen your chances of getting injured.  What is the purpose of doing warm-ups? Well, it is to get your body ready for the hard work ahead. Warm-ups are great to get your blood pumping and boosting body temperature. Moreover, it increases your heart rate and your breathing rate. Warm-ups help in prepping both your body and mind for exercise. If you don’t pay to warm up, the body is not warm enough to do vigorous exercises. You would end up wasting the valuable time that could get you in huge gains.

The right diet, knowing where to where to buy steroids online and weightlifting is going to play a key role in boosting your muscle gain. If you are still unaware of the value of warm-ups, you should. Your training level also plays a key role. Here are some of the warm-ups that assist you in helping to gain massively and to gain more out of your gym time.

Make Use of Thick Grip

Your pressing strength has a lot to do with your hands and forearms. If you want your body to lift more weights, then you should try to do your warmups with an oversized grip accessory. You would find many things in the market to help you with that. Once the grips are removed, you would see massive gains yourself.

Here is how to go about it:

Before you move along with it, add some grip widener to the barbell for the warm-up sets. Here is how:

  • Do your bench warm-up using a grip widener. Start with an empty bar and then slowly continue doing all warm-up sets. You can also do this at the working weight.
  • When the barbells come in contact with the body, it is going to be hard to do the classic bench press. You have to do it hard while extending it upward. Both the muscles in your forearms and hands need to be urged and stimulated so they can work at a great intensity than usual.
  • Remove the grip wideners from the working weight. Your hands and forearms are now in a form to achieve peak performance. It would be easier for them. At the same time, you would find lifting the bar a lot easier.

Go Beyond Your Working Set

One of the best things that you can do to build strength is to boost your low-rep sets and go beyond your usual working weight. When you do that and get back down to your working weight, you would feel it light as a feather.

To elaborate further, if you are building up to 3 working sets of 5 reps in the bench press. It is of basic size and strength protocol.

This is what you should be doing:

  • Do some low-weight ramp-up sets.
  • Now, using 90- 95% of your full potential do single. This is just to deceive your nervous system into thinking that their working weight is super heavy even though it is not.
  • Now it’s time to drop down to your actual working weight.

Add Accommodating Resistance to Your Warm-Ups

If you do machine and barbell exercises, you can make use of chains and bands. These are commonly used in resistance exercises by people who are into the practice of heavy weight lifting. Moreover, these are also used when it is your power-focused lifting day. Most fitness enthusiasts allocate a day to themselves when they have to do most of the powerlifting.

Suffice it to say, anyone could make use of this hack so you can trick the nervous system into during the warmups.

Here is what you can do:

You can add bands to each end of the barbells when you are doing squat gains. Lock them at the bottom of the cage either with band pegs or looped into a knot.  Learn how:

  • First of all, you need to know that your band is solid. After you have done it, attach it to the bottom of the cage. You can use built-in pegs too. And if it is strong enough you can also loop the band into a knot around the rock bottom. That will also do.
  • After the weights are stacked, attach the top of each of the bands to the ends of the barbells.
  • Do your warm-up sets. When you lower your body into a squat, the band tension is going to assist you. When you move upward, the tension of the band will resist you. What you are doing is reversing the body’s expected resistance, which makes it easier to squat when you go down and difficult when you get up.
  • Now take off the bands and squat at your regular working weight, you would feel the difference of how the squats feel controlled and easier.

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