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Want to Try Invisalign Treatment? 14 Things to Know Before That

Are you unsatisfied with the experience you had with your metal braces? So, want to give clear braces a try? Well, Invisalign is a great alternative to traditional fixed braces to realign the teeth quickly. The invisible braces are made up of series of clear aligners, which gradually work to reposition your teeth. Well, before you jump into a decision, here are a few things to keep in mind as revealed by existing users of the Invisalign-

  1. The discomfort with the Invisalign is different than the fixed braces: There is an overwhelming sensation of tightness as opposed to pain or aching. With Invisalign there isn’t any pain at all. Rather, there would be a bit of tightness, which will last for a few hours. Unlike traditional braces, you can eat normally or stab your cheeks without feeling any ache.
  2. You may need attachments: There might arise the need for a little ceramic button to add extra pressure points by the orthodontist. This will move your teeth in the right direction as needed. The attachment will stay in place throughout the period of treatment.
  3. Your mouth can get drier or more saliva than usual: In the initial few days of wearing the braces, your mouth will get really dry or will produce excess saliva. Though it is not a huge problem to deal with, the dry mouth sometimes can make you feel a bit uncomfortable.
  4. There’s no age limit: A lot of people have this misconception that braces or similar orthodontic treatments are for kids or teens only, which is not the case though. Most of us assume this, as most teens have opted for this solution so far. So, just because you haven’t got the opportunity until the teenage, there’s no point to think that you’re no more eligible for this treatment.
  5. There is a routine of cleaning to follow: While carrying the aligners, cleanliness is one of the important steps to make the treatment successful. So, it’s important to clean them regularly before wearing them and you have to brush your teeth thoroughly. It will prevent bacteria buildup and discoloration. So, make sure you clean your braces as well as teeth properly, whenever it is necessary.
  6. You will have to wear retainers: Just like braces, you will have to wear retainers to retain the realignment so far made by the braces. Without the retainer, your developing jawbones and gums will move back to the previous position, which will put all your money and effort in vain. So, aligners work as post-treatment support to hold the new position of the teeth.
  7. There Will Be Short Adjustment Period:To make sure you are functional as much as possible with your braces, dentists try hard so that you can talk and go smooth throughout the day without much distraction. However, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get any adjustment period, and it will happen based on the gradual repositioning of the teeth. However, it is a fact to keep in mind that the thickness of the aligners may change the way you talk or it can be a bit uncomfortable at the start, but you will get accustomed to it.
  8. Lipstick Can Be Annoying:Lipstick wearers are warned, as the bold or glossy lip color won’t go well with the braces. The matte formulas may not hamper the look, but other options may ruin your look. So, before you choose the shade to put on your lips, go through the lipstick types that are compatible with the clear aligners.
  9. Results Are Quicker Than Other Braces:Many people choose to go for invisible braces as a great alternative to metal braces, not only for the looks but also for the quicker result with greater comfort.
  10. Recommended Wear Time Is 22 Hours a Day:Many patients find it tempting to take off the braces by any excuse. For example, a user may find it okay to take off the braces on a dine-out or a get-together. However, experts don’t encourage it. Such situations may come when you may have to take off the braces, and that is where Invisalign wins the race to make you feel comfortable in wearing or taking off the braces as needed. But, until it is necessary at most, prevent taking off the braces too frequently. You have to maintain wearing the aligners at least 22 hours a day.
  11. Cold Water Only:as per the studies, you can only drink cold water or clear sparkling water while wearing the Invisalign. It is found that hot drinks may stain and warp the aligners. Especially the hot tea will cause plaque buildup.
  12. Refinement Period is There:There will be refinement aligners to fix any stubborn teeth. After the initial set of aligners, your orthodontist will create another set of aligners to correct the slightly off teeth.

So, these were a few things you should know before choosing Invisalign to correct your teeth alignment. Though it is presented as an easy alternative to traditional braces, there are a lot more things that will make your journey with Invisalign not as comfortable as it seems to be. Contact a seasoned for the treatment Invisible Invisalign Braces, with whom you can discuss these all facts and more.

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