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Walk on the Frozen River Trek in Ladakh:

Chadar Trek:
Ladakh is no less than a heavenly kingdom for all the nature lovers. It is blessed with the most exotic trekking destinations. Chadar Trek is one of them in the Himalayas at an altitude of 11150 ft. Chadar Trek feels like an expedition to the North Pole, where the temperature drops down to – 30 degrees at night. This Trek offer you with every element of Zankari traditons which is close to the local people  you meet on the journey and experience their welcoming. Blessed with the picturesque mountain peaks, azure lakes, glaciers, rivers and due to the formation of thick blanket of snow as we can see with the name “Chadar Trek” it is considered to be the most challenging and difficult treks in the world. This trek will also lead you to other several points on the way like Tibb Cave and the Naerak where you will see the frozen waterfalls which looks stunning and mesmerizing. The most attractive thing about the trek is its calm and peaceful environment.
The ideal time to visit for Chadar trek is from mid-January to mid-February, that is when the Zanskar river freezes and you get to walk on massive slabs of ice spreading for miles and miles. The serene and the whole experience will make you stun and fill your hearts with amazement Chadar Trek beats this creativity of mind to produce something which is far more incredible and astonishing than a regular mountain trek.
Thus, The journey to Chadar Trek is very appealing and shall entice your heart and mind forever.

Best time to visit Chadar Trek:

The most ideal time to visit Chadar Trek is the winter season as the Zanskar river freezes which makes it easy for the travellers enthusiasts. During this time a lot of trekkers from all over the world test their limits here.

Highlights of Chadar Trek:

 The spotlight of Chadar Trek are the ice-capped mountains, chilled waterfalls, glacial lake over which you can hike, a long way away at summit  until your eyes can catch sight of.  It is an individual kind of unusual heavenliness that one can not in their life get enough of. Chadar Trek leads you to an unexpected side of your character that you didn’t encounter in your life. The trek is not only a experience for the trekkers but it is all about to overcome your  biggest fear that you did not face in your life. It holds the marvelous top secret of the Himalayas, that let a person find pleasure in the dreamy beauty of those snow-covered high peaks. For all the travellers who love snowy places and wanted to take challenges then this is the best choice.


Difficulties that you may encounter:

The utmost struggle of the Chadar Trek is getting habitual to the unkind atmospheric conditions  at an elevation of around 13,000 feet above sea level. The exhausting and tiring voyage can cause extreme tiredness in the trekkers and thus, there is a requirement for great stamina and command. Real energy and potentiality is something that is basic when you are heading towards the Chadar Trek.


Tented accommodation is provided at the campsite where you have the right to choose between tents on 2 or 3 sharing basis. There are also availability of separate rooms for boys and girls.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner with the tea snack will be provided during the stay at the campsite.

Safety and Travel Tips:

1. Track pants are necessary.
2. Trekking shoes should be added.
3. T-shirts and shorts for trekking is recommended.
4. Avoid spectacles, if unavoidable then should be supported by a strap.
5. First aid kit.
6. For change dry clothes and towel.
7. Avoid carrying jewellery, cash, watch and camera while trekking.
8. Consumption of alcohol is prohibited during the activity.
9. Personal toiletries and medications if necessary.
10. Flash light.
11. Sunglasses and sunscreen lotion.
12. Extra polythene bags and a whistle.

Ladakh is a home to numerous sights of natural beauty. It is one of the thrilling trekking destinations which adds grace to the beauty of Ladakh with it’s exciting adventures experience. So, do not miss a chance to visit Chadar Trek with good spirit and excitement. This place is the heaven for the trekkers and for exploring the rich culture of Ladakh. 

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