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Volcano Hiking Tour From Mexico

If you are planning for a trip to Mexico then Never miss the chance to visit the volcano hiking tour from Mexico because these places are also beautiful among all the places around Mexico. The beautiful city of Mexico consists of 48 active volcanoes.

There are dozens of inactive volcanoes which are used for hiking and people love to hike on these beautiful volcano hiking places. Because of this volcanic belt, the beautiful city of Mexico is also considered the best mountaineering available City. You love adventure then this best place for you so book your flight ticket with Copa Airlines En Español to start your journey.

The beautiful views of the volcano and from the top of the mountain you will get the experience of the Smoky weather and impressive views. So let’s explore five of Mexico’s top volcano hiking destinations.

Volcano Hiking Destination

There are many places to visit in Mexico but you need to know about the volcano hiking tour from Mexico to other places. Out of which you can also visit these below-mentioned places it will also provide you a beautiful experience. While visiting these places your eyes will meet the enormous beauty of nature. So let’s get started.

Nevado de Toluca

It is situated in Southwest Mexico and is 4.680 meters high and is considered the fourth highest mountain in Mexico. It is surrounded by a national park. There are 18 amazing archaeological sites. Nevado de Toluca is often surrounded by people mainly on the weekends. It will also be a natural and cultural trip for most people.

It is the right place for nature-loving people. You can also experience an adventurous trip while climbing  Nevado de Toluca. You will get superb views while climbing. It is also known as one of Mexico’s national treasures because of its beautiful views and impressive experience.

Pico De Orizaba

It is also known as Citlaltepetlc. Pico De Orizaba is considered Mexico’s tallest mountain. It is 5.636 meters tall. It is the third highest peak in North America. Each year a large number of climbers climb over Pico De Orizaba.

There are many routes to climb the peak but Jamba Glacier is the most popular and challenging route. It will experience an adventure while climbing through this route.


It is 3.930 meters long and is situated in the Southwest of Mexico City. It is the easiest peak to climb. If you are not a mountaineer then you can try this peak because there are no mountaineering skills required to climb this peak. This one of the best places for a beginner to start their volcano hiking tour from Mexico to make their journey wonderful.

It won’t take more time. You will hike the whole peak in just 8 to 9 hours. You will reach the highest point within a short interval of time. It will also provide stunning pictures to you and you will experience the beautiful views of Mexico City.


It is the third highest mountain in the beautiful city of Mexico. The length is 5.230 m. It is also known as sleeping women. Iztaccihuatl got its name because of its four peaks which resemble women’s chest knees, head, and feet. It is one of the most prominent mountains on earth you want to explore this then book your Jetblue Airlines Reservations to visit this place.

There are several routes to climb the four peaks. While climbing you will experience excellent views. You will also experience the views of Glacier through this peak. From the peak of Iztaccihuatl, you will be able to see the Popocatepetl volcano which is still an active volcano.

La Malinche

La Malinche is known for its beauty and some of the most spectacular views. The La Malinche is named after a famous woman who worked as a translator during the conquest in Mexico.  It provides stunning views to its climbers. La Malinche is 4.461 meters long. It has a standard route for climbing known as Las Cabanas Del IMSS.


Hope my article will help you to make a wonderful plan for your next trip in this upcoming holiday. Here you can make a plan for an adventurous volcano hiking tour from Mexico to near places. We all know that Mexico also famous for different natural and historical things but this time you should experience something different. This trip will give you an unforgettable experience of hiking and other activity.

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