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Introduction to United Arab Emirates online gaming market: –

The UAE Online Gaming market is expected to register growth in the rapid adoption of cloud-based technologies. The integration of modern technology into the software industry, and the growing Internet of Things. on the other hand, online growth has lead to an increase in the adoption of online Games rather than traditional board games. Growth in per capita American income leads to an increase in the disposal of disposable gaming revenue-assisted gaming experience, as a result, it will boost UAE online gaming market growth in the future.

With the advent of digital innovation in infra-architectures, and more so in the construction of microservices, the demand for Online Gaming has affected a large number and is expected to see an increase in the set timeframe. Apart from this, potential entrepreneurs and potential investors in the market are expected to have good business opportunities in the future due to the huge data boom and are expected to shape the market competitiveness of potential investors in the next five to ten years and the time frame thereafter.

Popular online gaming in UAE: –

E-gaming has evolved in this area for several years and there are various digital and local gaming industries offering a great range of online games including world titles (many of them are developed for Arab players), as well as growing local talent and many home-grown pipeline games.

Some examples are: –
  • Semaphore (a Saudi company) has notified the launch of a new video game titled “Unearthed:
  • Trail of Ibn Battuta” which is claimed to have a distinctive combination and will be launched in a small piece.

The game is going to be launched for many platforms. This including some popular ones including DirectX Box, Play Station Network and the very famous gaming console Wii Ware.

“Mobile Gamers” don’t you worry, for instance, you’ll also be able to get it in your playful hands. It will be a bilingual game including both Arabic and English.

Tahadi Games, a great online game “Heroes of Gaia”.

The game, with over 2 million players in the world are from Arabic. The games are designed for Arab players only with no installation, no agreement with users. They can be played everywhere using any flash device. Jawaker is a gaming site in Arab countries. It’s free of charge gaming site that doesn’t need any software installation. Due to this, Gamers just create their profiles and start playing right away.

Jawmaker: –

The Jawaker which was the first card games website of the Middle East and later on launched the app to continue with its service and comes with a peculiar aspect that it pleases the users with an online application linked with Facebook that gives the advantage of creating games exclusively. with their friends on Facebook and divulging their friends who are Facebook available about joining them in the game. At Jawaker all the gamer or users registered on it can build up a new game or can enter into the existing ones.

COVID-19 Effects: –

The global outbreak of the COVID-20 epidemic has led to a sharp increase in the UAE’s hot online gaming market. As countries seek to close down in order to win a bid to combat the spread of the coronavirus, interest in online gaming has also begun. Due to the COVID, people are more likely spending most of the time at their home. This has been elevating the interest in the recreation activities that may be the reason for the nosedive of the demand for online gaming. Perhaps eventually resulting in the elevation of share in the online gaming market of UAE.

Not surprisingly, UAE online gaming market revenue is very high. Speaking of which, the number of people on the Internet is among the world’s largest spenders on sports – both in terms of user share and the prices they spend. Half of the online population in the UAE spends money on sports. Of the online population, 70% and 74% of the women and men play online mobile games.

United Arab Emirates online gaming market Revenue:-
  •  2016 – 233 million US dollars
  •  2017 – 276 million US dollars
  •  2018 – 313 million US dollars
  •  2019 – 342 million US dollars

U.A.E shares 7% of the world’s money invested in the online gaming market. United Arab Emirates (UAE) players will generate $ 344 million in-game revenue this year. Due to the high potential of the money market, it is an important opportunity for publishers, engineers, and brands in sports.

The UAE Online Gaming market report best combines the industry with the type of e-game and main regions. The UAE Online Gaming market observational report provides impartial and detailed analysis of UAE Online Gaming market strategy, chances / key areas of high growth, and marketers that will help other contributors plan and adapt their market strategies in the present and future market dynamics.


The UAE online gaming market is expected to gain momentum in the near future. They are supported by the growth of artificial intelligence in the country at an alarming rate. The expansion of 5G internet infrastructure leads to an increase in the download rate of Heavy MB games. Expansion of 5G ensures an uninterrupted game. Also, the growth of working people spending money on games has increased. Due to this, we can say covid -19 has played a very important role and is likely to continue and this is limited to increasing the growth of the online gaming market over time.

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