Types of perimeter pool lighting

The perimeter pool lighting will give an outline of the shape of the pool. The curves and edges will be illuminated by the lighting. It will change the look of the pool. The perimeter pool lighting is decorative but did you know it will also serve as a safety light. A pool with lights can give your house a luxurious look and you can decorate your poolside area with perimeter pool lighting system.

So, make sure you choose the lights that add more grace to the ambiance of your house. Here, you can find a list to choose between different types of perimeter lighting for the pool according to your requirements.

1)Solar pool lights

Solar lights produce light from natural sources of energy, which makes it emission-free, environment friendly, and cost effective. Solar lights do come in different shapes and color and you can choose the best one according to your needs. They store the energy from the sun and work all night long, however if they aren’t able to store much energy they will automatically switch off.

Floating solar lights are also available in the market which lights the swimming pool between the water and gives a completely different effect. If you’re having a party around the pool, floating solar lights will give a makeover to your pool. Solar perimeter pool lighting is always suggested to countries with more sunny days. It works more efficiently in the summer season.  To cover a large pool, you need to use multiple lights and you have to pay a huge power consumption cost every month. You can save this cost by installing such solar lights.

2)Fibre optic pool lights

Fiber optic lights ate heat resistant and you can use them on your poolside area. According to the shape of the pool, the fiber optic lights will run along the perimeter of the pool with lighting changing options. You can even put two lines of fiber optic lights which will brighten the pool. If you have any water features like foundation or artificial waterfall then you can use such lights around your decorative pieces to highlight the same. Fiber optic light resembles neon light tubes. End glow fiber optic cables are much better than side glow fiber optic cables. Choose wisely which cables to go for.

Fibre LED lighting kit comes for perimeter pool lighting. It has three elements in it which consist of an LED light engine, fiber optic light cable, and for installation you can find a U-channel or chip in these packages. It comes in white, green, purple, red, yellow and blue colors. You can also go for the kit which has both fiber optic and LED lights.

3)LED pool lights

The trending pool lights are LED pool lights as it has it all. LED lights are cost-effective. LED lights on the perimeter of the pool give your pool a luxurious and 3Deffect to the edges. Vibrant colors run along the perimeter with color-changing options or you can opt for different colored LED lights on the opposite sides. If you are renovating your pool than you can choose fiber-optic light, and it can last for years.

Perimeter pool lighting is to enhances the look of your pool. While selecting pool lighting you need to consider your location, weather, budget, and requirements. Choosing blindly wouldn’t help and result in more problems. At the present, the lights come in almost all colors on the present on the color wheel. It adds aesthetics to the pool and even the background. Maintenance is required if the light stops working or any other problem takes place. Generally, LED lights don’t cause trouble, so this is considered one of the best choices in lighting options.

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