Types of industrial electrical panels and their differences

Today there is a wide variety of electrical panels or electrical cabinets. In builders’line we design, manufacture and assembly of all types of electrical panels industry, being our specialty boxes motor control,switchboards, control panels industrial processes, tables HVAC, Combiner Box, tables railway sector and Quadi for OEM´S.

Elaboration of all types of electrical panels

From the experts, an expert company in the design, manufacture and assembly of industrial electrical cabinets and panels, we are going to reveal the types of electrical panels manufactured by our team of panelists specialized in industrial electrical panels.


These electrical panels are responsible for distributing the energy from different points of the installation. In this category of electrical panels, we can find two types: General Low Voltage Panels and Secondary Panels.


The motor control panels are used in centers destined for production. Since their main function is to take control of the production motors. As with distribution boards, we can also find two types in these boards: fixed execution control boards and removable execution control boards. We are professional experts in manufacturing both types of engine control panels.


This type of panels is in charge of protecting the air conditioning equipment (pumps, fans or humidifiers) in any type of installation. The air conditioning panels can be governed in two ways: management of the installation itself or locally by means of PLC.

What is the manufacturing price of an electrical panel?

How much does an electrical panel cost? Answering this question is not easy, as the answer will depend on many factors. Our recommendation is that you distrust. It is most likely that those prices are disproportionately high. In our company we make personalized estimates for each client according to the characteristics of each project. In order to offer a manufacturing price for an electrical panel that is as tight as possible.

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Custom budget for the manufacture of electrical panels

In our electrical panel workshop. We make personalized estimates for the manufacture of electrical panels because not all. Electrical cabinet development projects have the same costs or involve the same work for our experts.

And one of them is the type of electrical panel to be manufactured. In our electrical panel workshop. We mainly manufacture the following types of electrical panels: distribution panels. Industrial process control panels, CCM’s, air conditioning panels. Railway sector panels and Combiner Box. And therefore. The price will be different.

In turn, the manufacturing price of an electrical cabinet will depend on the materials and means used in its assembly. At our industries we use materials with proven resistance and durability.

The number of electrical panels that make up the project. The special characteristics of size or the urgency in delivery are other factors that will determine the final price of an electrical panel development project. In any case. If you trust us to manufacture the electrical panels you need to service your facilities. You can be sure that you will enjoy an excellent value for money. Contact us without obligation to request your budget.

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