Top Trending Makeup styles for Indian Brides

“One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love.” — Sophocles

Wedding, a day when you celebrate this mystic word, a word that has all the power in this world, that opens the heart, expands the mind and unites two souls. Wedding, one of the most important days of your life, a day that starts a path of togetherness in a different way where you embark upon this journey to create a zillion memories together. Such a significant day is bound to be extremely special as it is your day.

Especially the last one. The emerging makeup trends leave one baffled as to which one to go for. With the colours, the undertones, the sparkling looks, the intensity, the layers and so much more, this glam area from a wedding saga is as vast as an ocean. Fret not, I am here at your service, to make this process easy peasy lemon squeezy for you! Let’s explore some of the trending makeup styles for our Indian brides together.

Hush-hush it’s the blush

The feathery light touch of pink, bronze, orangish tint adds a glow that you just can’t do without. For the perfect finishing touch to your makeup, blush is quintessential. Makeup artists all around the world swear by the delicate, feather-like yet powerful impact that a few strokes of this trend after your makeup can create. For the oomph factor to not forget to contour in the same tones.

It’s all in the pout

The sassy and cool bride in you would surely want to pop out when it will be the time to pout for some fun pictures. Bold lips with popping colours are certain to make your pictures look super fun and you look smoking hot. You can go for ruby reds in matte or a seductive berry with a touch of gloss all over it, the classic crimson or the peach please trends never go out of style or the classic stunning pink is always there to give you the cherry-picking feels. Whichever shade you chose, just know those bold lips will only and only slay!

The Glitz and glam

Eyes speak to the soul like no other, how about adding some glitter to them? Makeup artists would love to play around with shining magic on those eyelids. Good eye makeup can change the impact of an entire look to a great extent. A makeup artist from any part of the country, be it Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore or any city understands the importance of those sparkling eyes and of how to accentuate them well.  Do not forget to touch up the inner eyes and the brow bones for a real glam effect.

Also, not to forget the showstopper in the la-la land of makeup world – The Smokey Eyes. This one never goes out of style. Smokey eyes are one trend that is going to stay here forever and if I must say most makeup artists aren’t letting go of it ever because it is gold.

Another growing trend that has become the apple of the eye of makeup artists across the nation is coining some pastel pops on the eyelids and the inner eyes with some neon-coloured eyeliners. This has turned out to be a big hit especially in the case of daytime weddings.

The supple dewy skin

Light on the skin, this makeup can be used if you are more inclined towards a natural look. In the dewy skin, makeup look is all a game of liquid highlighters and foundation mixed well and applied aptly to let the bride glow, glow and then glow a bit more.

All the way natural

The no-makeup look or the natural look uses a lot of techniques from the nude makeup look. This trend focuses on highlighting the natural features using more subtle makeup techniques. It is estimated that this particular trend is here to stay for very long, probably forever. If you aren’t fond of very strong colours while opting for makeup then this one’s the deal for you.

Let’s get a bit dramatic with the false eyelashes

How about adding some jazzy and dramatic effect to the look? False eyelash is the word! Fluttering and adding some more depth to your gaze, this trend is also here to stay. Make sure you buy them from a good place, they gotta stick by your side throughout the big day.

So, save these trends with you and make sure to accentuate the true beautiful self that you are by taking enough beauty sleep, proper nutrition, lots of water, proper rest and keeping all the stress at bay. You can experiment with the trends mentioned or mix and match a few to create your unique trend out of these for a completely different look. While experimenting makes sure you are having boatloads of fun without fretting much. We wish nothing but the best to you as every lady deserves her day to be beyond beautiful. Godspeed!

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