Top 7 Factors that Influence Gold Prices and How They Do!

Gold is no doubt one of the most popular precious metals present on the planet. Investors from all over the world have bought it for their personal use or resale. If you are also a fan of gold and want to learn more about it, read on. Here we have mentioned the top factors that influence gold prices and how they do. This blog will also help answer questions like why New York Gold Price Online changes so often and the right time to buy gold. 

1. Any Serious Crisis 

A crisis refers to an unusual situation that shakes people’s confidence in the governments or the stock markets. A recent example of this is the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that has shaken the stock market and impacted every human being on earth. How does a crisis impact the prices of gold? First, it increases the cost as more and more people want to invest in the yellow metal. 

2. US Dollar Value

The US is undoubtedly a strong economy, and the US dollar is still a leading reserve currency. When the price of gold is high, the price of the US dollar would below. They share an inverse relationship. So, if you see the value for the dollar going up, it might be the correct time to invest in gold as the prices of gold would be unusually low. 

3. Inflation Matters

The prices of gold are also impacted by inflation. Therefore, as the value of paper money declines in inflation and the value of gold remains stable, people who want a hedge against inflation trust gold as a lucrative investment option. 

4. The Performance of the Central Bank

Most countries in the world have their central bank. For example, the Federal Reserve is the central bank in the US. As the failures of banks have risen in the last few decades, investors have turned to gold to invest and save money. When central banks go through uncertainty, the demand for gold and its prices increase. In contrast, when people have more faith in banks, they might keep the money in the bank and not buy gold. 

5. Interest Rates

Like inflation, gold and interest rates also share an inverse relationship. If the interest rates are low, people will invest more in gold. As it will seem like a more lucrative option. So, if the interest rates are high, people will be reluctant to invest in gold. As they will be attracted to other investment options that pay a higher interest. Thus, as gold doesn’t pay interest, they sell off gold to invest in other options with high and assured interest rates. 

6. Government Reserves

The prices of gold are also impacted by the reserves of gold held by the government. When the government buys more reserves, the investors also get motivated to buy more yellow metal. This leads to an increase in demand for the precious metal, and the prices also soar as the supply is limited only. In contrast, when the government starts selling gold, investors might also lose interest in the yellow metal and sell their gold to get cash and invest in other options. So, government reserves have a direct impact on the prices of gold. 

7. Production of Gold

The production of gold directly impacts the supply, and hence, the prices are also impacted. For example, if more gold is mined, the supply of gold increases, and the prices can come down if the demand is stagnant. In contrast, if less gold is mined, the supply might reduce, and the prices will likely go up (if the demand remains stable or increases). 

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