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Top 18 bathroom accessories for your home

The bathroom is a space that we all have to use every day, but unfortunately, it can also be a cluttered and dirty place. To make your life easier and help you feel more at home, here are the top 18 bathroom accessories you should have in your bathroom from now on. 

1) A sink with multiple compartments 

Having a sink with compartments will help keep your bathroom organized and clean because you can store different items in each compartment. For people who have long hair, the compartments are perfect for storing hair clips, bobby pins, headbands, etc., while people who wear makeup can use the compartments to store bobby pins, cotton swabs, etc. 

2) A cabinet with towel racks 

This is another great way to make your bathroom feel more organized and clean because the shelves will help keep towels off the floor. Having a cabinet with towel racks can also make it easier for you to find towels when you need them. 

3) A rug with a nonslip bottom 

Having a rug in your bathroom is another way to make the space feel more like home, but unfortunately, rugs can get dirty very quickly after they are stepped on and walked over hundreds of times. The best type of rug to buy is one with a rubber bottom because the rubber won’t slip or move, so it will stay in place no matter how many times you step on it. This is especially important in the winter when all of your guests are wearing their snow boots.

4) A shower curtain:

If you want to take a quick shower before work or school, then having a clean and dry place to change into will save time. Plus, if the water spills outside of the tub there’s no mess for you to worry about. This curtain will also hide a mess if a child decided to play in the tub. 

5) A towel rack:

You can find one of these anywhere, from the supermarket to any boutique store, and they’ll all do the same thing. Towel racks are great because they keep towels within reach and you won’t have to go looking for a clean one when you’re dripping wet. 

6) A clear curtain rod:

A clear curtain rod will let natural light into your bathroom and give off the impression that there is more room than there really is. This way, your bathroom won’t seem as dark and cluttered as it actually is with bathroom accessories like these. 

7) A bath mat:

These are especially helpful if you have wood or tile floors, but they can also keep the tub cleaner. Instead of worrying about tracking water everywhere, just throw your mat on top of that mess and you won’t need to clean it up right away. 

8) A shampoo caddy:

This one is a simple storage solution for your everyday essentials, such as shampoo and conditioner. It can hold those items as well as any other small bathroom products that may be useful, like soap. 

9) A mirror cabinet:

Have you ever been in the middle of brushing your teeth or using the restroom only to realize that there’s nowhere to put your toothbrush or soap? A mirror cabinet is a perfect way to fix this inconvenience. 

10) A tissue box

This may be one of the more obvious bathroom accessories, but it can really come in handy during the cold season. If you go through tissues like no tomorrow, then having two boxes will help prevent any unnecessary trips to the store. 

11) A trash can:

This is a very functional piece of bathroom equipment because it will keep your bathroom from smelling like an outhouse. Not to mention, you’ll never have to hold your breath again while taking care of business…no matter how long the line is! 

12) A wicker basket:

If there’s a lot of clutter in your bathroom, then this basket is the perfect place to store those products. The rustic look will make it seem as if those items were meant to be there all along and that they fit into the overall design scheme. 

13) A medicine cabinet:

If you have a lot of beauty accessories or medication, then this cabinet is a must-have. That way, you won’t have to leave your bathroom every time that you need the essentials – not when there’s a perfectly good place right next to your mirror. 

14) A tissue cover:

If you’re looking at cheap ways to accessorize your bathroom, then consider getting a few of these. They’re great because they keep those tissues from getting dusty, and it also doubles as a small wastebasket. 

15) A toilet paper holder:

There’s nothing more irritating than the loud sound of a cardboard roll hitting the floor or countertop, so keep that aggravation to a minimum by securing your toilet paper on this stand instead. 

16) A bathmat:

You can purchase them at any store or you can even make one yourself if you feel so inclined. The important thing is that it’s there because walking on a cold bathroom floor without one sounds absolutely miserable. 

17) A shower curtain rod:

If you want your shower curtain to keep its shape, then it’s a good idea to get a curtain rod. You can even get one that allows you to adjust the height, which will come in handy if your shower is on an elevated surface – like a bathtub. 

18) A soap dish:

If you’re going for functionality then this might not be a necessary accessory. However, it’s still a stylish way to keep your soap out of the water and it also prevents an unorganized mess.

2 Tips to keep your bathroom accessories organized

  1. Hang a towel rack on the back of your bathroom door 

Having an extra towel rack can be useful for people who have big families that need more than one set of towels every morning, but if you only need one towel rack, the best place to put it is on the back of your bathroom door. This will help reduce clutter and can also be used to hang your backpacks and jackets when you get home from school or work. 

  1. Store extra toilet paper in a cabinet with doors that open down 

Instead of letting rolls of toilet paper take up all of the valuable space in your cabinet, try buying a cabinet with doors that open down. Not only will this keep everyone’s rolls of toilet paper organized and separated from each other, but you also won’t have to struggle as much when it is time to find a new roll to replace the empty one.


If you want your bathroom to be as functional as it is attractive, then you need to have these top 15 bathroom accessories. They’ll help organize your space and give everything its own place. All that’s left to do now is find the perfect style to match your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal.

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