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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Honolulu

When you are in the city of Honolulu, beaches are the one thing that you can never deny. The city is surrounded by beaches that go together like bread and butter. Being an island, the city has top destinations to explore for those who seek to relax in the sun next to the ocean.

Not only this, the city of Honolulu has a lot to offer. in addition, the city offers to see historical sites. You can drop into Pearl Harbor or natural attractions that include Manoa Falls and Diamond Head State Monument.

Honolulu also houses some other famous attractions that are the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific and Iolani Palace. If not a closed destination, then, of course, you have many beaches for you to relax near.

So, in this article, we are sharing the details of the top attractions in Honolulu to make your trip easier to plan with Alaska Airlines Flight Booking!

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Honolulu:


1. Waikiki Beach

What can be better than relaxation and surfing in Honolulu? Come to this beach that offers these two things that come to mind when Waikiki neighborhood. The beach offers much fun to watch. You can have pleasure in the sun-colored sand cushioning your feet. Day trip to this site to watch those perfect surfing waves roll onto the beach. Those who are ready for more than the surf and sand can visit Kalakaua Avenue. This spot lies parallel to the beach for great shopping and dining.

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2: Pearl Harbor / USS Arizona Memorial

Another attraction to visit in Honolulu is the Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona. These spots are the most visited United States WWII memorials for a reason. Here, everyone leaves feeling the experience that was worth every minute.

At this place, you can find a shuttle that can take visitors from the USS Arizona to the USS Missouri. However, there is another battleship, which is now a memorial. When you are here, don’t forget to go to the Aviation Museum and the USS Bowfin Submarine Museum either!

3: Manoa Falls

Craving for some water sports activities or serene views through the water, then visit the falls in Honolulu. Here, you can capture water shoes and some insect repellent that you’ll need besides your swimming suit and camera. Come to Manoa Falls with all these things. The falls are sited at a 100-foot, where the waterfall is a great example of ecological diversity. Catch the beauty of Hawai’i’s islands.

Go through the trail that is easy for any kind of hiker to master. At this place, you will find the rainforests that are surrounding it. The view here will take you to a different world. also, make sure you understand why Steven Spielberg filmed Jurassic Park here. at this place, the falls are open from sunrise to sunset so, you can visit them at any time of the day. admire the scenery at the falls any time of day!

4: Sunset Beach

If you are looking for a relaxing zone in Honolulu, then this place is the answer. Get the amateur surfer, as, at this place, the waves are simply too intense for anyone. So, you cannot get close to a professional. However, this makes it the best beach for visitors who want to catch some sun as surfing spectators. At this beach, the waves are so big sometimes. You will admire those lifeguards that are on duty for your safety. Those looking to swim must come during the summertime. In summer, the waves are perfect for swimmers! This perfect Sunset beach offers a wonderful place to enjoy the sunset. In addition, you can find this beach is not as crowded or touristy as other sunset-viewing areas.

5: National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific

Have a look at this cemetery that is located on a majority of the crater here. this cemetery memorializes all the veterans who served and/or gave their lives for their country. You will be amazed to see how notables are buried here. The list has Ernie Pyle and Stanley Dunham. Watch this memorial place that has moving tributes as well. You can pay a visit to the Honolulu Memorial. This place commemorates those who fought in the Vietnam War or the Korean War and in the Pacific during WWII. This is a great place to learn the history of the city of Honolulu.

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6: Iolani Palace

Come to this iconic place in Honolulu that tells the story of Hawaii’s last monarchs. It will let you know in detail about King Kalakaua and Queen Liliuokalani. This palace is the perfect place to go for those who want to know or better understand Hawaii’s unique and interesting culture and history. Honolulu is the only royal residence that you can explore on American soil, so don’t miss your chance to go!

7: Waimea Bayt

Visit this interesting site that allows you to go surfing oasis. However, this bayt is just an Oahu thing in general. There are many beaches in Honolulu that seem to be the perfect place to catch those treasured 30-foot waves. Those traveling in summer must visit this place. Here, you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and boogie boarding, as the waves here tend to be calmer. A lot of people visit the bay which is large and beautiful. and devoid of restaurants or shops, so make sure you pack a picnic lunch and drinks for your trip there! Know here How to make Alaska Airlines Flight Booking Online visit Alaska Official Website.

8: Diamond Head State Monument

This monument is sited here from the last 300,000 years ago. Watch this crater that was created by a volcanic eruption. However, this monument today provides hiking, sightseeing, and plenty of parks and gardens to its visitors. When you come here, don’t forget to climb up this crater. Also, we recommend getting some water and a camera which you will require once you reach the top in more than one way!

9: KeIki Beach


Come to KeIki Beach which is located between Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach. In this KeIki Beach, you will find bungalows. You can come here if you want to spend a night a little outside of the city. There are many beaches in the Honolulu area, but this is the one, in which you’ll find pristine sands and waters. There is an unbelievable sunset to top off a lovely day at this KeIki Beach. Enjoy this location which is simply gorgeous Hawaii sunset.

10: Kailua Beach Park


If you are fond of windsurfing reigns then come to Kailua Beach Park. At this place, you can take lessons or watch the others windsurf as you relax. This beach is a great family beach where you will find plenty of shaded areas. The park makes a great place to have a peaceful environment and to take a break from the fun.

People come here with some picnic tables to enjoy. You will get lots of parking space, and even a café. Watch the perfect gold- and the deep blue waters that compliment it perfectly. Enjoy a day trip here with family or friends.

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