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Tips For Marketing Your Roofing Company

A roofing directory is a great platform for roofing companies to grow their online visibility. In essence, a roofers business directory is a repository.

Marketing is an integral part of getting your business from the cubicles to the doorsteps of your consumers. It is a dynamic science that requires continuous collection and processing of data to draw meaningful results. This is the main reason why it is a full-fledged department in its own right.


What marketing techniques and tactics are going to be useful depends on the type of business. Roofing is still owned by small-time roofers who keep things simple. They do not have many resources on the marketing end, still, they can reap exponential rewards if they can follow simple steps.

In this post, we are going to share practical tips that can help you in getting the exposure your roofing company needs.

Word Of Mouth

When local businesses start, they do not hesitate to go door to door and meet with the community members. They repeatedly tell them about the company and the range of services they are going to offer. With the passage of time, companies get work, and this whole practice vanishes.

In this age of digital marketing, word of mouth and face to face meet up is still important because it makes things personal. It is easy for consumers to relate to a fact when there is a face attached to it. It will not be an overstatement that the face of the roofing company owner is the brand.

Here are some of the tips to grow word of mouth:

  • Exhibit extensively by attending community fairs and meetups
  • Local Associations is a great way to forge ties
  • Set up business pages on social media platforms (Facebook/LinkedIn)
  • Organize online events and sessions

Business Directory For Roofers

A roofing directory is a great platform for roofing companies to grow their online visibility. In essence, a roofing business directory is a repository of keywords and industry terms that help companies in their online exposure.

Roofing Directory

Users often find top search results to be of the business directories and listings against roofing terms. This is a sure-fire way for companies to improve their SEO and SEM, resulting in enhanced organic traffic for engagement in the short run and conversions in the long run.


Showcasing feedback is another tool to make your company visible in the virtual world. Feedback gives search engines positive signals about the legitimacy and scope of your roofing company.

Feedback comes in multiple forms, such as;

  • Products/Services Reviews
  • Ratings
  • Comments

As far as the feedback goes, quality trumps quantity. Make sure you moderate those comments and reviews that are in-depth and somewhat “sincere”.

Every roofing company wants positive feedback which is not the reality. It is best for businesses to reply to every type of comment or review, both positive and negative, to forge a lasting relationship with their clientele.


Set-Up & Run A Stellar Business Website

It is not enough to create your business website. To improve the digital visibility of your brand, it is best to create a stellar brand website and then optimize it against the current trends of the industry.

It does not necessarily have to be a flashy affair. Aim for functionality and an enhanced user experience to make sure users continue to come back after visiting it once.

To make your website is user-friendly, here are the following indicators;

  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Strategically Placed CTAs
  • Device Compatibility
  • Consistent Content

A website does not have to be a static page, but a combination of both static and dynamic multimedia to connect with your audience.

Experiment With Written Content

Content is often termed as the king and the rest comes after that. To improve roof sales, a roofing company should not be afraid of experimenting with the written content.

Following are some fine examples;

  • A simple guide to let users know how to choose the right roofing material
  • A guest post highlighting the benefits of going solar
  • A press release showcasing the acquisition of new certifications

Marketing for your roofing company is a combination of hit and miss. It is best to try out new and novel avenues of getting your word to your users. These tips will also help you in formulating a quantifiable marketing strategy to promote your business.

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