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These Are Causes Of Infertility In Men

About 1 in 20 men have a low sperm count, causing infertility. Meanwhile, about 20 percent of couples who are infertile, the problem is in men.

Here are the causes of worrying male infertility!

Characteristics of male infertility

In general, the symptoms of male infertility cannot be seen directly.

  • Changes in hair growth
  • Change in physical desire
  • Pain, lump, or swelling in the testicles
  • Erection and ejaculation problems
  • Small hard testicles

So, what are the causes of infertility in men?

  1. Infection

Infection can be a cause of infertility because it can affect sperm production. These infections also include inflammation of the epididymis (epididymitis) or testicles (orchitis), as well as some s*xually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea and HIV.

  1. Varicocele

Varicocele is the most cause of male infertility. This condition can cause a decrease in sperm production and quality, shrink the testes, and cause infertility in men.

  1. Antibodies that attack sperm

Abnormally, antibodies can attack sperm on their way to the egg. These are known as anti-sperm antibodies, which are immune system cells that mistakenly identify sperm as a dangerous invader and attempt to eliminate them. This condition can cause sterility.

  1. Ejaculation problems

Another cause of infertility in men is retrograde ejaculation or retrograde ejaculation. This is when semen enters the bladder and does not pass through the penis at orgasm. Cenforce 150 to solve men’s problems.

  • Diabetes
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Certain medications
  • Bladder, prostate, or urethra surgery
  1. Tumors

Cancer and benign tumors can directly affect the male reproductive organs, which can cause infertility.

Cancer & tumors affect the male generative organs through glands that release hormones related to reproduction.

In some cases, surgical, radiation, or chemotherapy procedures to treat tumors or cancer can also affect fertility.

  1. Hormonal imbalance

Apparently, a man can also experience infertility due to hormonal imbalance. This is a condition where there is too much or too little hormone in the health.

Usually, this condition is caused by low testosterone. In addition, the possibility of abnormalities that can affect other hormonal systems, including the hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, Fildena 150 can have an impact on male potency.

  1. Problems during physical intercourse

These problems include difficulty maintaining or maintaining an erection required for (erectile dysfunction), premature ejaculation, painful intercourse, anatomical abnormalities such as having a urethral opening under the penis (hypospadias), or psychological problems or Vidalista 60 in relationships that impact intimate life.

  1. Environmental factors

This means excessive exposure to certain environmental factors, such as pesticides and other chemicals, and radiation. Cigarettes, alcohol, Vilitra 20 taking medications to treat ed, & high blood pressure & depression can also affect fertility.

  1. Celiac disease

Celiac disease is a digestive disorder that results from sensitivity to a protein found in wheat called gluten. This condition can cause infertility in men.

Risk factors for male infertility

Age. Men over 40 years of age may be less fertile than younger men

Tobacco use. Smoking tobacco or marijuana can reduce the chances of pregnancy. Cigarettes can also decrease the effectiveness of fertility treatments. In addition, smoking also increases the risk of erectile dysfunction.

  • Consumption of alcohol, which is excessive consumption can reduce sperm count and motility
  • Being overweight, which can have an impact on your sperm count
  • Lack of exercise, which can lead to obesity and increase the risk of infertility
  • Have you had a previous vasectomy or major abdominal or pelvic surgery
  • Born with fertility problems
  • Take certain drugs or therapies, such as surgery or radiation, as cancer therapy.
  • Those are the various causes of infertility in men.

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