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The Perfect Wetsuit For Surfing with Anns Cottage discount code

How to choose a wetsuit for surfing? A wetsuit is an essential garment to carry out surfing or any aquatic activity in cold waters. Wetsuit maintains our body heat thanks to the thermal insulator to last as long as possible. Therefore, from Ann’s Cottage, we give you some tips on how to choose the wetsuit that best suits you. Visit Ann’s Cottage store online. Shop and save on the wetsuit collection by clicking Anns Cottage discount code.

9 Tips for choosing the perfect wetsuit for surfing with Anns Cottage discount code

The fit

When it comes to choosing a wetsuit, the fit and adaptation to the body shape are essential. Low quality, but the anatomically fitting suit will always perform much better than high quality but poorly fitted wetsuit. Therefore, it fits us properly is key, especially in the torso and the length of the arms and legs.

The wetsuit must fully fit the body to be effective, without any wrinkles or creases. But it must also be comfortable and easy to put on and take off. Before buying it, try on several sizes until you feel comfortable and adjust well to the body. There are special suits that best adapt to the body of men and women. Girl’s suits are usually wider at the hips and chest.

When you try on a wetsuit, try doing a few stretches and squats to see if it fits the contour of your body. If you notice that it is too loose in the lower part of the back, it means that it does not conform well to the shape of your body with Anns Cottage discount code

Another factor to consider is the fit around the neck. It is not necessary to feel that the suit is drowning us, but it does have to prevent water from entering us when we have to submerge completely, like duck diving. There is a wide variety of closure systems such as the back zip with Velcro or the front zip of Xcel or C-Skins. Most people have to try on various outfits until they find one that fits them. Do not miss Ann’s Cottage voucher code offer.

Types of wetsuit

Wetsuits can be found with different combinations of sleeves and legs. The most collective is with long arms and legs. But there are also short arms and legs (short suit), long arms and short legs, and long legs and short arms.

Neoprene thickness

Neoprene thickness

An important characteristic in wetsuits is the thickness of the neoprene plates that compose it, usually between 1 and 6 millimeters. A difference of 1 millimeter in the thickness of neoprene can make a big difference in the water. The more millimeters, the better it will protect from the cold, but it will also be more uncomfortable and difficult to move with it

The following table can serve as a guide to know what type of wetsuit suits you depending on the water temperature.

23C or more – Swimsuit and shirt or Lycra
21C to 23C – Neoprene swimsuit and bib of 1mm or more
18C to 21C -Shorts of 2 mm
17C to 18C – 2 mm suit with short sleeves or legs
14C to 17C -Long 3/2 mm suit
12C to 14C -Long 3/2 mm or 4/3 mm suit with booties
10C to 12C -Long suit of 4/3 mm, with booties and neoprene gloves
8C to 10C – Long suit of 5/4/3 mm, with booties, gloves, and neoprene cap
8C or less -Long suit of 6/5/4 mm, with booties, gloves, and neoprene hat

Surf suit seams

There are many ways of stitching on wetsuits. One of the most basic is the Quicksilver Cell, where there are fewer pieces and fewer seams than in other suits to reduce water through the seams. It also features a high level of stitch precision throughout the neoprene.
It depends on the seams that more or less water enters the interior. Basic wetsuits are usually made with flat seams, which allow a lot of water to pass into the suit. The mid-high range wetsuits are manufactured with a gluing system and blind seams. First, the edges of the neoprene sheets are glued and then sewn on one side without the seams going through the sheet of neoprene, thus preventing the water run through the seams. The high-end suites also have the seams sealed with a special rubber, thus achieving even more tightness. Click on Ann’s Cottage promo code and save.

Neoprene with zipper and without zipper

Neoprene with zipper and without zipper with Anns Discount Code

There are two systems when it comes to putting on and taking off the wetsuit- the zipper system on the back and the ‘neck’ system or without the zipper. In the latter, the suit is put on by putting the body through the neoprene neck, made of a super-flexible material that stretches enough for it to pass without difficulty. The advantage of this system is that, as it does not have a zipper on the back, less water enters; the downside is that it is awkward to put on and take off.

Special features according to a brand of Anns Discount Code

Wetsuit manufacturers try to improve the surfer’s experience by introducing new materials that prevent rashes or chafing on the skin. Rip Curl introduced the Batwing system a few years ago for its wetsuits, with which it intends to keep the heat mainly on the surfer’s torso. The water that seeps through the zipper on the back causes that part to be cold. So, the brands now add an extra layer of neoprene for extra protection. Take advantage of this Ann’s Cottage discount code when you shop online with Anns Cottage discount code

Wetsuit and its price with Anns Discount Code


Wetsuit and its price

How much do you want to spend on a wetsuit? Some suits fit all pockets; it all depends on the brand and thickness of the suit. Here is an opportunity to save up to 50% off via Ann’s Cottage voucher code. What are you waiting for?


Discover a range of surfing accessories to protect the feet, hands, head, and chest from the cold. The booties are neoprene ankle boots that protect from the cold. They are very useful for walking on rocky or volcanic bottoms. There are also neoprene gloves and hats to protect you from the most intense cold. The bibs are like neoprene shirts to protect from the cold when the water is cold enough to wear a suit.

Big brands

Big Brands

Sponsors can influence us in our purchase decision. Quicksilver, for example, has sponsored Kelly Slater for most of her surfer career, and it has been a win-win relationship on both sides. The dominance of the brand right now has to do, in large part, with Kelly Slater, whose successful surfing career and her personal image are highly marketable. Billabong has also done well in terms of marketing due to the success of Joel Parkinson. Therefore, which brand do you want to associate with? Do not skip our great offers, discount, deals, and Ann’s Cottage promo code.

Wetsuit care guide:

Putting on a wetsuit sometimes makes us feel like superheroes since we endure freezing water like nothing else. They are expensive, we are not going to lie, but it is worth practicing your favorite sport without having problems. Taking care of it and maintaining it increases its useful life.
At some point, we have all thought that wetsuits would be like swimsuits, rinsed with water, and that’s it. But it’s not just that. Ann’s Cottage shares a few tips for maintaining your wetsuits and from one year to the next in the best conditions.

Here are some tips that will come in handy to have a perfect wetsuit:

Rinse it thoroughly with fresh water

some surfers only wash it on the outside. It is a big mistake because the salt destroys the fabric on the inside and more if it is put in the sunlight to dry it. You have to wash it thoroughly inside and out, even if we have a second session planned with Anns Discount Code

Hang the suit correctly


Hang the suit correctly

It seems silly. It is not. Do not hang in the sun or on the balcony. And of course, never hang it from the neck or shoulders because the weight will fall and can deform the shoulder or neck tissue. Take a plastic hanger (metal ones can rust from water) or hang it on a string so that the suit “snaps in two.”

Turn to dry on both sides

If stretched on a string, the part facing out will dry earlier than the part without light. If you are going to do a session the same day, after laying it, it is convenient to turn it every hour so that both sides dry since the humidity destroys the rubber of the fabric. This tip will considerably extend the life of the wetsuit with Anns Discount Code

Add soap

As far as this is possible, it is advisable to wash the wetsuit with soap, either gel or laundry soap. Add a couple of plugs and rub them all over the suit, including the zippers. If we want a suit free from salt erosion, we must sacrifice a little of our time on this task. The salt eats away at the tissue as if it were an acid.

Remove bad odors


Remove bad odors

Use products for removing unwanted odors from fabrics and even removing bacteria and mold from suits. These products mixed with soap will be the best solution to the bad odor. Shop the best online. Save on our Ann’s Cottage voucher code.

Do not stretch the suit when taking it off.

Many times it happens that when we want to take off the wetsuit quickly, we stretch it. It is better not to be in such a hurry. Remove it little by little. Do not stretch the tissue of one leg when the other is already out.

We hope these tips help you! Happy surfing!


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