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DIC Oil Tools is a Supplier and Exporter of Thread Protectors in UAE. Protecting the pipes throughout the transportation and storage process is also essential for optimal long-term performance. Thread protectors are manufactured from steel or plastic and can be applied manually or automatically to the pipe.

Importance Of Thread Protectors:

It is essential and valuable to use a drill pipe protector when installing drill pipes, as using these simple protectors can save time, money, and hassle on oil and gas industry jobs. Thread protectors protect the threads at the ends of drill pipes while they are being stored or transported.

They keep them free of debris, dust, and vermin that may accumulate during transport and storage. The use of thread protectors greatly minimizes downtime and delays at the installation site and ensures that your operation runs smoothly and safely.

Two types of drill pipe protectors: pin protectors or box protectors. Box protectors screw into the box, while pin protectors screw over the top of the pin. Four thread protector manufacturers supply these products, and the API and Premium lines are carried by DIC.  All of them are designed to withstand extreme conditions.

This simple little product can make the difference between success and failure in an industry where time and safety are of utmost importance. Buy now to avoid pitfalls and dangerous situations and keep your job site running smoothly and safely. Take a look at our high-quality pipe protectors.

Different Types of Thread Protector in the Oil and Gas Industry:

  1. Plastic Thread Protector
  2. Drill Pipe Protectors
  3. Pressed Steel Thread Protector
  4. Composite Thread Protector
  5. Cast Steel Lifting Bails
  6. Clamp-on Casing Protectors
  7. Tubing and Casing Thread Protector

An Overview of all types of thread protector:

Plastic Thread Protector:

DIC is a Manufacturer and Exporter of Plastic Thread Protectors in UAE. Thread protectors are made strong and operated to save pipe threads from damage during transportation and storage. These protectors are made from metal and durable plastic. Metal thread protectors are easily cleaned and reused, but plastic thread protectors are frequently collected, reused, or recycled. Thread protectors of the highest quality are necessary because they save time and money. Any special sizes can be made according to the customer’s requirements.

Drill Pipe Protectors:

These protectors prevent thread during storage, transportation, or moving around the pipe yard. These protectors made to fit the pin, and the box pipe ends. Drill pipe protectors installed around the end of the drill pipe or then the tubing to prevent the pipe ends from damaging each other. We offer the highest quality drill pipe protectors in all standard and custom sizes for maximum protection and durability. We offer high-quality drill pipe protectors in standard and non-standard diameters for optimum protection and durability.

Pressed Steel Thread Protectors:

DIC is a Manufacturer and Supplier of Pressed Steel Thread Protectors. It protects the API Drill Collar, Drill pipes connections, and tubing. These thread protectors are available in standard as well as non-standard sizes.

Composite Thread Protectors:

It precisely manufactured with a steel rollover bumper designed to absorb severe impact and prevent thread connection damage during handling and transit. The composite thread protectors cover the whole thread length and seal the face to prevent stripping, loosening, or ingress of debris or rust, which will damage the thread. The heavy-duty HDPE plastic thread profile separates all contact between the steel bumper and the thread connection, eliminating the potential for bimetallic corrosion.

Cast Steel Lifting Bails:

When drill stems components shipped or stored at a warehouse or location, Cast Steel Lifting Bails safeguard the pin and box connection. For maximum protection, these lifting bails composed of heavy-duty steel. It provides lifting points for drill tools that need to be picked up or laid down. These bails are available in all standard and non-standard sizes per customer requirements.

Clamp-On Casing Protectors:

It used by rig operators to move tubular between the rack and the rig floor. These thread protectors specially designed with stainless steel handles for easy gripping and removal from pipe and casing threads. It is available for casings with BTC thread or tubing.

Tubing and Casing Thread Protectors:

We made it with a Steel rollover bumper designed to absorb rigid impact and protect the thread connection during handling and transportation. These thread protectors protect the length of the thread and seal the face to prevent the stripping, loosening, or entry of thread-damaging dirt and corrosion. DIC Thread protectors manufactured in accordance with ISO and API standards using high-quality raw materials. We have become reliable suppliers of tubing and casing thread protectors in all standard and non-standard sizes.

Thread Protector Conclusion

After reading this blog article, hopefully, you will better understand oilfield thread protector and their purpose. In conclusion, these devices are critical in protecting the threads of oilfield equipment and preventing damage during transport and storage. With so many different types and sizes available, it is important to choose the right thread protector for your needs.

About Company:

We are one of the leading Suppliers of the highest quality products for the Oil & Gas Industry. Our Product Range Includes Thread Protector, Pup Joints, Centralizers, Cement Baskets, Cementing Plug, Cementing Head, Reamer Shoes, Float Equipment, Packers, Spacer Spools, Hammer Union, Flanges, Tubing Spools, and Float Equipment, etc. All products tested numerous times under technical guidance and made from the best quality material. We can also provide custom-designed equipment as per customer requirements.

DIC team dedicated to understanding customers’ needs to ensure exceptional services and the best solutions. DIC Oil Tools committed to providing innovative products appropriate to our customer’s needs and satisfying their expectations in terms of functionality and value. We supply the complete range of pipe protection equipment and other oil and gas requirements with the highest quality standards in the industry. Our goal is to provide top-quality products and achieve the highest customer satisfaction. We provide the best quality products at the most competitive price & on-time delivery.


Providing the highest quality product for Oilfield Equipment.

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