Ten Foods That Help In Improving Memory

Students spend day and night on research paper topics to come up with good assignments. However, lack of memory and writing skills can affect the matter. So today, we are going to mention ten foods that help in improving memory.

  • Eggs

Eggs are a good source of vitamins. Like vitamin B, folic acid, etc., including egg in your diet every day can help you in preventing memory loss. An egg toast is a classic breakfast for a reason. Based on a research paper writing guide, eggs avoid brain shrinkage.

  • Berries

Berries consist of antioxidants. They reduce the chances of neurodegenerative disease. Also, help in increasing plasticity and communication between cells. Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries are all helpful.

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  • Caffeine

Based on the thesis statement, you will notice everyone suggesting caffeine to stay alert.  This is because caffeine consists of a particle known as adenosine which blocks sleeping activity.  Apart from that, it supports brain health and increases brain information retention.

  • Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is a source of cocoa. Both cocoa and dark chocolate help in expanding the brain and neurons. This increases brain capacity and improves concentration. Dark chocolate stimulates blood flow in the brain. Avoid having chocolates with an excess of sugar because they hurt the brain.

  • Seeds and nuts

Nuts and seeds are a source of vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids. Almond and sunflower seeds are the best sources for increasing memory power. They also help in preventing memory loss in older people by supporting brain health.

  • Avocados

Avocados are a source of unsaturated fatty acids. They prevent cognitive decline and high blood pressure.  Other rich food sources with unsaturated fats are cashew, flax seeds, chia seeds, and soy foods.

  • Broccoli

Broccoli is good for brain health, which many doctors suggest. They contain vitamin C and flavonoids. It consists of a compound called glucosinolates. When they simplify, they help in preventing oxidative stress and improve memory.

  • Leafy greens

Leafy greens are very advantageous for the body, and boosting memory is one of them. Food like kale and spinach are one of them.  They support the healthy functioning of the brain; hence they are also called superfoods.

  • Whole grain

Whole-grain foods like brown rice, pasta oatmeal are good mean of improving memory. They are rich in vitamins, and vitamin E is one of them. However, do not confuse whole-grain food, and ordinary foods like brown rice are much more advantageous than white rice. White rice releases certain elements which block brain activity.

  • Fish

Fish is rich in fatty acids. Salmon, tuna, sardines, etc., are all oily fishes that help in improving brain activity. Based on research, it is found out that they help in enhancing memory and thinking abilities too.

These are the food sources that help in improving memory. Students should find a way to incorporate this food into their diet for excellent results.

SUMMARY:- poor brain functioning can affect studies and overall health. This article mentions top foods to improve memory.

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