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Taj Mughal Solicitors goal is to deliver exceptional, affordable legal services for individuals,membership organizations and affinity groups, in their personal, employment and business affairs. Our reputation is built on the range of expertise offered by our partners & staff, & on the scope of their practical experience. We listen to our clients & use this insight & our legal experience to deliver the best possible results. We have an open, friendly & responsive approach ensuring that your needs are paramount. Our procedures, communication & response systems have been developed to ensure that we are able to offer our clients constructive advice & innovative solutions.

Taj Mughal Solicitors Services

1). Immigration Law:

UK immigration law is very complex and constantly changes. If you want to live, visit or work in the U.K, Speak to our expert immigration solicitors. Our immigration solicitors will remove the stress from the immigration process,
maximizing your chance of success and we provide exceptional legal consultation to all our clients. Our firm specializes in immigration law. We take pride in the quality of our legal work based on many years of experience, commitment of our staff and desire to excel in our field. Our firm attracts a wide range of clients not only from the UK, but also from all over the world. We are a national law firm specializing in assisting individuals and businesses with immigration advice.

2). Medical Negligence :

Our medical negligence solicitors will provide you with legal assistance on any case to do with injury or harm. You have suffered due to negligence by a health practitioner like a dentist, doctor, midwife, nurse or anaesthetist, physiotherapist, psychologist, osteopath and opticians. Therefore, medical negligence or clinical negligence is where a patient receives substandard care.

3). Housing Disrepair Claims :

Your local council or housing association has a duty to look after the property you are living in and to make sure it meets, maintains certain standards. When you have reported those duties to your landlord, but they have not been addressed for over 3 months, we can help you seek compensation. In addition to getting the repairs you need we can help you claim for compensation for damage to your possessions, illness and injury.

4). Personal Injury :

Through each step of the claims process, we provide the best support, advice and representation to help you get. Your life back on track after suffering a personal injury. We are specialists in both complex and straightforward personal injury cases, with specific expertise in claims related to brain, head injuries and catastrophic injuries, which can change your life forever. We understand that in serious injuries, this is hard to deal with, especially in the accident was not your fault. Serious injury can happen in all sort of way, such as Road Traffic Accident, Workplace Accident and even Criminal Assault. Serious injuries include amputation, assault injury, burn injury, head injury, fatal injury, loss of sight and spinal injury. We are one of only a handful of experts in fatal accidents claims.

5). Debt Recovery :

When a company or an individual owes you money, we can help to collect the debt. Whether your business is small or large, any delay in receipt of payments due is unwelcome. Taj Mughal Solicitors act as debt recovery solicitors for a wide range of clients. They also work with client  them to find the best possible solution to their problems.Assuming that you are able to maximize your recovery, we recommend are cost-effective and appropriate.

6). Family Law :

In detail, taj mughal solicitors provide the best family law and divorce solicitor stoke on Trent. Family Law is a specialist area of law that focuses on all aspects of the family. It is an area that has become increasingly more complicated as the ‘family’ continues to evolve.

Lastly, we offer a sensitive and personal family service by supporting and advising through what is? For many people, a very difficult and traumatic time.

7). Criminal Law :

Firstly, taj mughal solicitors criminal defense lawyers can provide specialist legal advice if you are concerned about a criminal investigation.

Lastly, when facing an allegation of criminal conduct or behaviour, it is essential to get clear and transparent legal advice from experienced criminal defense lawyers who will protect your rights.

8). Employment Law :

We have one of the best Employment Law teams that can advise you on all aspects of employment. Furthermore, including Settlement/Compromise Agreements, disciplinary and grievance procedures, discrimination, unfair and wrong dismissal, redundancy, agency workers’ rights, unpaid wages, breach of contract, TUPE and Employment Tribunal litigation.

9). Landlord and Tenant Law :

In detail, the landlord and tenant relationship is one which underpins the security of so many homes, businesses and investments. Moreover, when a serious issue arises, it is important to have a specialist solicitor on your side who understands your rights and obligations.

Lastly, our solicitors have a built a reputation for providing the best representation in all types of landlord and tenants disputes. Further, when things go wrong and you are heading for a dispute, our litigation team also has a wide range of experience in these matters and can give you the edge in negotiations or proceedings.

10). Taj Mughal Solicitors handle Leases and Tenancy Agreements :

In detail, we have a dedicated team of Solicitors to handle all aspects of residential and commercial leases and tenancy agreements. Whether you are a landlord or tenant, we can assist on both sides of the spectrum. detail,

Moreover, we can assist both landlords and tenants in all types of premises, including offices, factories, garages, public houses, restaurants, takeaways, shops, flats and houses.

Lastly, a practical, commercial approach is taken to protect your best interests and keep pace with the regulations and case law.

11). Taxi Licensing & Appeals :

Firstly, if the Council does not think a driver is fit and proper, they may suspend or revoke their taxi licence. If the license is revoked, the Council will not grant you a license. In an effort to ensure public safety and fair competition, these powers are strictly applied, but sometimes unfair practices result in revocations of licences, even suspensions that have disastrous effects on business owners, operators, and drivers.
Secondly, before refusing a new application, or revoking an existing licence, your local Council will usually invite you to appear before a taxi licensing panel or sub-committee.
Lastly, the hearing is usually attended by a number of Councillors and their legal advisor. Like at a court hearing, formal evidence will be presented.

12). Civil Dispute and litigation :

In detail, taj mughal solicitors team possess broad expertise relating to all aspects of civil disputes. With our experienced and knowledgeable approach our clients feel strong and confident whilst we remain focused and resolute in achieving the best possible results .Civil litigation involves solving disputes through the local County Court or High Court.

13). Vehicles Emissions Compensation Claims :

NOx and CO2 is damaging to human health and to our environment, which is why vehicle manufacturers have a duty to use the technology at their disposal to reduce dangerous emissions. Our aim is to hold the carmakers to account and entitled to justice.

14). Credit Hire :

Similarly, the chances are that you will need a replacement vehicle or use of taxis on credit hire if you were involved in a road accident not your fault. Our personal injury law solicitors are dedicated to recovering compensation on your behalf. We act for thousands of clients using credit hire organization every year, and have developed a reputation for delivering an efficient, high quality service.

15). Taj Mughal Solicitors provide Miscellaneous Services :

Statutory Declaration

The statement itself can be anything but is usually some kind of evidence to satisfy a legal requirement. We cannot witness you sign a Statutory Declaration that we have prepared. But we can witness one prepared by another firm.

Change of Name Deeds

The first step in changing your name is getting in touch with a member of our team. Our solicitors will need to see your birth certificate along with two forms of identification such as a driving license and a recent bank statement. If divorced, it’s vital you bring your decree absolute granted to you by the Court. Once our solicitors have reviewed these documents, we will help you draft the Deed Poll. As soon as you sign the Deed Poll in the presence of our solicitors and your two witnesses your new name then will become official.

Immigration Accommodation Reports

In detail, taj mughal solicitor prepare Accommodation Reports for Entry Clearance purposes to verify that the sponsors accommodation satisfies the current requirements under the Housing Act to accommodate an individual or individuals upon their entry into the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, In order to enter the UK, applications are required for spouses, civil partners, fiancés, proposed civil partners, parents, children, and other dependent relatives and visitors.

Sponsorship and accommodation Declaration

Do you have a marriage celebration or family event coming up? Would you like to invite your friend(s) or family member(s) to visit you from outside the EU under the Visitor visa category? If so, it is advisable to provide them with a ‘Sponsorship Declaration’, which in summary, details the financial support and accommodation available to them in the UK and also acts as an undertaking from the ‘sponsor’ confirming they shall ensure the visiting person(s) onward return to their home country. For attesting your passport and advising you on visitor requirements, we charge a fixed fee.

Documents Certification

Our Solicitor can also provide certified copies of original documents. The range of services we can offer are in this area is as follows:
  • Verifying affidavits
  • Witnessing signatures on other legal documents
  • Draft Power of Attorney or witness signatures
  • Draft a Change of Name Deed or witness signatures of the deponent
  • Certify copy of a document as a true copy of the original
  • We can witness the signatures on statutory declarations
  • ID1 Land Registry Form completion
  • Certifying Driving License, Passports and Passport size Photos

Power of Attorney

In conclusion, many overseas pakistanis investing in pakistan need to send a power of attorney to someone living in the country. You will need a solicitor in the UK, who can draft the required documents and attest the documents for you. A competent Solicitor likeTaj Mughal Solicitor services can help prepare the paperwork and avoid unnecessary delays. A principal (the one granting the power of attorney) can also authorize someone to move the court. It also make an appearance in the civil court on their behalf. They can authorize them to buy, sell, lease, or take possession of property on their behalf. Indeed, this is one of the primary methods through which overseas Pakistanis, meanwhile unable to visit Pakistan, conduct their business.

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