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Sports Activities Which Can Give you a Joint Injuries

A very famous saying is that “There is blessings in striving or movement” and sports are the best fit for this proverb. Such healthy activities must be included in everyone daily busy routines to stay fit, active and healthy activities and to get the peace of mind and relaxation too. Sports can make a person fit, active and worry free. Some of the sports are very light like slow pace racing, badminton or cricket but some of the sports need more vigor and hence they are risky too.

For example, car or bike racing sports, high and long jumps and basketball can give you serious injuries especially joint and hip bone injuries are very common. Joint Replacement surgery in Pakistan is very common now and you can avail the facility in all big cities including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Multan. Most of the doctors are always available on-call to serve the injured people immediately especially sports players. Also, there are very well-known hip replacement surgeon in Pakistan all over who are available to cure the patients of sports injuries having hit on their hip bones specifically. Let’s see which sports can give you injuries so you can have precautions to reduce the injury risk.

High Jump

The high jump is also a dangerous sport as the players do the long jump with the help of a stick or bar. If the players fall from the bar on which he/she is relaying by putting their weights then it can be slipped and the player can fall very badly. This sport can break knee joint, leg bones and even hit on your head too.

 joint injury

Long jump

The long-jump is a field game in which the player runs at a fast speed and try to jump as long as he can to cover the maximum distance possible in the jump. This sport is less harmful than the above 3 but can cause injuries. By sudden jumping your ankle joint can be damaged and disjointing can happen in knee or elbow joints.

Car and motorbike racing

Car or bike racing is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. It thrills the players but it also kills the plyers. When a car that is running at very high-speed, bumps into something or a person who is riding a bike collide with something or loses balance than sever accidents occurs due to high uncontrollable speed. This can give severe spine, brain neck and deep bone injuries and fractures.

Ice skating

This sport is also very thrilling but dangerous. In ice skating, you have shoes with sliders to skate on the ice floor while balancing your body weight. Ice skiing also needs a snow bed below the skates and has medium length sticks in the hands of the players. The players lift the sticks and pitch them into the ice with the power to move. Falling on ice is very painful and ice can give bruises on your face and other parts of the body. Sometimes players fall so badly while sports that they face the problem of fractures and disjointing of joints.

Hurdle race

Hurdle race is a very vigorous game. In this game, there is a defined track for the participants having hurdles in different parts of the track. The players must run at a fast pace and cross the hurdles without bumping into them. Reaching the end before other players is also a goal. Hurdle race is very common but it can cause injuries to the players like knee disjointing, foot or ankle fracture when the foot come back to the ground after jumping over the hurdles. Joints of knees and ankles can get damaged in this game too. Joint replacement surgery in Pakistan is now very common and it is performed by specialist doctors having great expertise in the field. These surgeons are available almost every time for such kind of emergencies to handle the cases immediately.

 joint injury


Polo is another very famous game and played in many countries worldwide. N this game players ride on the back of a horse and hit the ball on the ground with a long stick in hand to do the goal. The game is action-packed and fascinating but can give you serious injuries. The players usually fell from the horseback while playing and the bad thing is that other players horses sometimes pass over the fallen player which can hurt even more. The common injuries that happened in polo are knee/ elbow disjointing or breakage, hip joint breakage and the head falls. For the joint replacement surgery in Pakistan, there are many experts available in Lahore, Islamabad and other big cities can do the partial or full joint replacement surgery perfectly.


Cricket is the worlds no 1 game which is renowned by almost every person living in the world. While playing cricket injuries happen very commonly. Most of the injuries occur while fielding when the players run to catch the ball. Similarly, injury can happen to the batmen when the run for the runs on the pitch. Such injuries usually include scratches on arms and legs, minor fractures d sometimes knee joint breakage in rare cases.

Ice hockey

Ice hockey is not very common in Pakistan but in the international world, this game has its place in people hearts. This is a combination of two-game ice skating and hockey in which players play hockey while running on the floor of ice. The game is fun-loving but dangerous as the injuries due to ice can be more painful than the other ones. These injuries include bruises, scratches, arm and leg fractures and hip joint fractures sometimes.


The basketball game is one of the famous games which is equally liked by boys and girls both. The game involves two teams and 1 ball to pass it through the baskets more times than the opponents. This game has low risks to play but can give you injury especially when you jump to pass the ball from the basket. This jumping and then landing can sometimes bend your leg or foot in the wrong way and your joints can be swollen or aching due to this kind of injuries. Sometimes the balls are crashed on to the heads or faces of the players while passing the ball from one to another team member.

 joint injury

Soccer or Football

Soccer or football is an exciting game and loved by most people in the world. Football can give you severe injuries especially on your knee, ankle and foot. By kicking with extra power but in the wrong direction can o angle can make you suffer a lot. People who neglect the importance of good shoes with kicking on the right angle get most of the injuries in this game. There are several numbers of famous hip replacement surgeons in Pakistan who can perform hip replacement surgery in a very effective way with maximum success rate.

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