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Smart Tips For Buying A Carpet

Carpets are a common floor finishing. They are available in a wide range of designs and patterns, and when paired with the right décor, your carpet can enhance the beauty of your home or office. Buying the right carpet is a good investment in your home and has several other benefits.

When you are ready to buy a carpet and find your nearest carpet store, consider the following tips that can help you buy the perfect one.

Selecting the right pile

Several types of carpet piles are available, but the most common are the loop and cut pile.

The cut pile has cuts that expose the ends of the carpet fibres. This is the most popular type of carpet, and it is available in different thicknesses and lengths. Carpets with a cut pile feel soft under the feet. They also feel and look like the traditional carpet and are available in different colours and styles.

Ensure you check the level of twist the cut pile carpet has before purchasing it. If the twist is tight, the carpet will likely be more durable. Tighter twists help the carpet with stand wear and tear.

The loop pilesare uncut, leaving the carpet ends in loops. Loop carpets are usually more durable, making them a common option. Tighter loops are more durable, and the fibres tend to bounce back faster. Loop pile carpets are suitable for areas with high traffic, such as stairs and hallways. However, you shouldn’t get a loop pile if you have pets because pet claws can get stuck in the carpet pile and loosen it.

Selecting the right pattern/colour

Settling for a pattern or colour may be more challenging. Going through different carpet collections may leave you confused. You’ll likely find several attractive colours and designs, but the following tips can help you choose a carpet.

  • Before you start shopping for a carpet, decide the basic styles and colours that will fit into your home design because this will help you narrow down your options.
  • Take photos of the room you want to fit the carpetto the showroom. Ensure the pictures show the room décor, walls and other features that can guide you in selecting a matching carpet.
  • Consider your home environment when selecting a carpet. For example, cream carpets may appeal to you, but a patterned carpet or one with a fleck may be a better option if you have pets and young children.
  • You can request samples of your preferred carpet options to take home and compare with your décor and furniture
  • Feel the carpet pile because a carpet may look beautiful and not feel right in your home

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Get Accurate Quote

It’s important to have a firm budget in mind when you shop for your carpet so you know what options you can afford and which are out of your price range. However, you must get an accurate quote from the salesperson or you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. The cost per square foot isn’t the only fee that you need to worry about -depending on the retailer, you may face additional charges for delivery, preparation and installation. Your installer may even charge for removing and replacing furniture from the room to be covered and disposing of the old carpet or flooring. Make sure to ask for the total cost of your project, not just the carpet itself.

Do you need an underlay for the carpet?

You will likely need a carpet underlay because it provides insulation, makes the floor feel more comfortable under the feet, and protects the floors. Fitting a carpet underlay also helps to extend the lifespan of the carpet.

Carpets can be quite expensive, especially when you want to get a high-quality one, which makes getting the right one necessary, so you won’t need to think of buying a new carpet for a long time.

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