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Smart Home Automation through your Smartphone

At MAVi, we channel our enthusiasm for cutting-edge technology towards creating new ways of contemporary life that we can share with our customers. We are not alone in our enthusiasm for Smart Home Automation, as a rising number of property briefs include demands for automatic driveway gates, streaming CCTV surveillance applications, fully integrated lighting controls, and home theatre equipment.

We are able to provide the greatest solutions in smart technology at the start of our design process because we work closely with award-winning Smart Home Automation specialists. Not only has it improved the construction process since the introduction of the technologies included in our designs, but it also allowed us to give our customers a view of their dream home. together perfectly.

What is a smart house,’ exactly?

A smart home is a home that automates lighting, heating, multi-media, and security over a network and can be remotely controlled by a smartphone, computer, tablet, or distance. There are several alternatives available, ranging from single-room management to fully-integrated smart home systems. This enables homeowners to create the right environment across their living area by setting moods in each room of the house.

Is the entire thing wireless?

A structured wired network cable system combined with high-quality WiFi equipment will offer the most dependable backbone for a home automation system. Some devices, such as delivering 4K/UHD live video, react better to wired connections. For the majority of systems, such as home management, security, lighting, audio, heating, and automatic blinds, a combination of wired and WiFi networking works effectively.

How can I determine whether my Wi-Fi coverage is adequate?

Good wireless networking is essential for everyone, both at home and at business. People’s expectations are now quite high, and system reliability is critical.

Is smart home technology safe?

When correctly installed, a smart home system is very secure. To safeguard all of the gadgets in the house, professional smart home providers will propose a business-grade router and firewall. It is critical to choose a reputed brand with excellent app functionality and security.

Everything – our cars, our phones, and our homes – can now be controlled by a smart device. Some homes have multiple smart devices, each with its own system so that they can communicate with each other and control it remotely. These devices, unlike coffee and TV remotes, are powered by the internet in the home. They will connect through a single point of contact, such as a computer or a router. Smart gadgets will collect and store data on use and security choices. If this is the situation in your house, it may be a problem if your furniture is not well shielded.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional installer?

Hiring a professional to design, install and demonstrate your home automation system is the best option. We often collaborate with architects when designing a new house, so our smart home design specialists can guarantee that your automation system will fit your precise specifications before you move in.

Is it possible to install smart home technologies in a listed property?

Absolutely! We deal with properties of Grade I and II, as well as World Heritage sites. In these circumstances, it is critical to have a well-planned design in the early phases, as well as a sympathetic understanding of how technology will integrate with the building’s architecture. We’ve got to be creative in order to work with the building’s original elements and conceal technology wherever feasible.

Why is lighting control beneficial?

This is the question asked often! Lighting systems in contemporary houses may become highly difficult, particularly if you have vast open spaces that need several, well-designed lighting options.

Several lighting circuits in one space might require a lot of sophisticated switches. Lighting control systems make this much easier and allow considerably more control over lighting settings, particularly with LEDs. It’s not only for inside the house, though. Controlling lights in a garden, driveway, or outbuilding is a breeze with automated lighting systems. Lighting control applications may include a range of functions, such as geo-fencing, which turns lights on when you reach home. Ironically, a client’s favorite switch is often the ‘All Off’ button, which provides them complete control from a single position.

It seems to be extremely complex! How easy is it to utilize this technology?

Our objective is to make each system feature-rich while remaining simple to use. Good smart home technologies are useful for modern living, from instant streaming of Netflix and Spotify to making sure every room in your home is lit and warm. And when you leave the home, it should be as straightforward as possible to ensure that your whole property is safe too.

It can perform things like switch lights on and off, as well as open and shut your blinds. This means you can keep an eye on your home no matter where you are while away on holiday.

Do you provide post-installation assistance?

This is a critical question. Few businesses have a dedicated support crew. It’s definitely worth investigating to see whether this is accessible. Our Smart Home installation firm MAVi, provides excellent support packages and are accessible for assistance and advice 365 days a year. Being competent installers is not enough; you also need a company with a way to provide improved maintenance to ensure that your equipment is maintained in the long run.

What is the most advantageous aspect of smart home technology?

Our motto is to make things easy, intuitive, and, most importantly, enjoyable for our customers! Home theatres can be a modest room set up or a full home theatre with seats, lighting, surround sound, projection screen, and the essential popcorn machine. It is always wonderful to see our customers settle down to their first showing in their new movie room.

Smart Home Automation in Kansas City by MAVi

Our expertise is in designing custom smart houses. We blend excellent design, cutting-edge technology, and premium brand equipment. MAVi’s home automation Kansas City will make life simpler, smarter, and easier to maintain.

How can we assist you in designing your smart home?

High-end residential architects have extensive expertise in incorporating smart technology into our projects. We offer architectural services across Kansas City, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, London, and Surrey. We are happy to help you design your new smart home. Learn more about how we operate or contact MAVi for an introductory consultation.

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