Sash Window Restoration: Why is it important?

A sash window is one that has two or more movable panels (known as “sashes”) inserted within timber frames. These are the most typical of all windows, having been around for thousands of years during which time they’ve evolved into designs that are complex and beautifully crafted. By fitting modern weather-stripping materials these windows can to work almost silently in their operation, while looking stunning when in use. This type of window typically comes with an upper and lower sash, although double-hung windows have only one fixed upper sash with the other being moveable. Therefore, Sash windows restoration is important for maintenance.

There are many styles of sash windows including casement, sliding fixed panels and garden windows. But all functions in almost the same way. Sash Windows are often considered to stylish with regards to the features related to traditional Victorian homes. But these are equally suitable for modern homes too. This is why they are regularly fitted into new homes as well as being used whenever renovation work is required.

Is it essential to restore Sash Windows?

Sash windows were introduc to Britain in the mid seventeenth century and quickly became a status symbol for people who wanted superior quality throughout their home.  The signature feature of a sash window is its large glazed opening. Which can opened up by sliding a pane on each side upwards and downwards, giving easy access to fresh air.  In recent years though, this charming style has threatened by rot and decay from wear and tear, which begins from the formation of corrosion on metal components that make up part of the window’s infrastructure.  With sash window restoration however, you will be able to protect them from further damage while also improving the value of your property at the same time.

Here are some reasons why you should consider about sash windows restoration.

They are environmentally friendly

Sash windows are engineer to efficient in keep heat inside the home, keeping energy bills down and protecting the environment.  When restored to full working order, they will provide you with all of these. Benefits While also ensure that no damage is caus the components rot or rusting.  This means you will enjoy many years of easy use from your windows without constantly worrying about their upkeep.

Your home could increase in value if you do not act now!

With Sash Windows restoration  you can improve property values considerably which gives rise to added confidence in current and prospective buyers.  The structural renovation of the sash windows will add a level. Appeal to your home should you choose to sell in future. This means that the time spent refurbishing them will paid for many times over.

They are far more attractive than modern alternatives!

If you compare traditional wooden window frames and their modern counterparts. It’s easy to understand why sash windows have endured for centuries.  Modern replacements often consist of flimsy metal or aluminum frames with plastic parts – hardly attractive even when new! Restoring the original charm and character that only wood can doesn’t just improve energy efficiency. But also adds hidden depth to your rooms that can’t achieved any other way. Besides helping you make the right choice of the type of window coverings, the interior designer also recommends the right material to use.


With their extensive use of glass, sash window restoration provide a wonderful view on the world that modern designs just cannot match.  You can enjoy the outside world from your own home while protected from harsh weather and strong wind conditions.  In fact, expert Sash Windows  restoration will ensure that you have an airtight seal between panes to keep rain out while conserving heat in your home.

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