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Sailing Yachts vs. Power Yachts: Some Facts to Consider Before Purchasing

Are you planning to own a luxury yacht? But not sure which one to purchase – a sailing yacht or a power yacht. There are many factors to think over before you invest in a big-budget asset. However, the very first thing that comes to mind is which type of yacht is the right one for you.

There are certain factors between a sailing yacht and a motor/power yacht, that can help you decide to purchase your choice of yacht. Let’s try to understand it in detail.

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What is the Purpose of Your Purchase?

What is the purpose of your purchase? Many would buy yachts for commercial purposes, but many want yachts for personal vacations too. But, how to go on a vacation?

Some sailors see yachting as the best way to travel between harbours, and from one coast to another. Without a doubt, most sailors love the entire yacht tour. However, if you love the speed and functionality of a motor, then power yachts must be your choice, and if you love to cherish the salty breeze and adventures of the sea and its every element, sailing yachts should be your choice.

Are You Comfortable with the Costs?

Yachting was never easily affordable. It has always been an affair between the rich and the famous. If compared over a given distance, motorboats are costlier, and by adding up fuel prices, the operation cost also rises, which increases further if conditions are not favourable. In motorboats, your travel time reduces evidently.

On the other hand, in the case of sailing boats, the wind that is used to sail is available for free. Even if you use the motor of sailboats during some part of your tour, you will save a huge sum of money undoubtedly. So, if you have enough time in your hands and at the same time, you also want to save some money, then sailing boats will win.

How Necessary is Regular Maintenance?

A boat a sailing yacht and a power yacht require maintenance. Whether it is, maintenance of the engine, anti-rust paint, teak polishing, or upholstery maintenance, technical and mechanical servicing, all yachts need some level of maintenance for longer life expectancy. Your yachts should be maintained regularly for optimum performance. If you fail to maintain your yacht regularly, it might lead to mechanical, technical, and other failures and even the cost of maintenance will go expectedly higher. In sailing yachts, sails and rigging must be maintained regularly and even replaced every 5 years for better performance.

Are You Concerned About the Environment?

It is now a globally known fact, that fossil fuels have a negative impact. Use in power yachts can be harmful to marine life, more so, when you increase that speed, leading to more carbon emissions. On the other hand, the yacht sale is an eco-friendlier choice, as due to the occasional use of fossil fuel to operate it, there is a very tiny emission of a carbon footprint.


However, whether you prefer to power cruise speedily through the water, sail gently to your next destination, it all comes depends on your personal preference. Both sail yachts and power yachts have their advantages and disadvantages and one cannot be called better than the other in all aspects. No matter, which one you choose to purchase, what matters most is, you get enough time to spend some quality time with your loved ones in the middle of the sea in complete luxury.

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