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Roadside Assistance Tips To Help You Manage An Emergency

Accidents can never be completely avoided. Even with the safest of the cars, mathematical possibilities of getting bumped are never zero. What you can do to minimize the impact is to prepare for roadside assistance emergencies beforehand.

A meticulous maintenance schedule and getting in touch with 24/7 roadside assistance are some of the best ways to prepare for the unexpected. When you are aware of the current condition of your vehicle you can think of solutions at the spot.  But you could be facing a more adverse situation where components of your car are of the least concern. It may be you or a loved one injured! Whether you are a lone driver or travel with your family, keep these 6 roadside assistance tips under your belt to manage an emergency.

Don’t Ignore The First Sign Of Danger

Most of the breakdowns are predictable, even if it is for a few minutes. It could be an unusual noise coming from your engine, a loud band, any issues with the alignment, or difficulty in applying brakes. That first sign of trouble is critical! You should never ignore it. If the car is malfunctioning but still going on, take this as an opportunity to pull off and fix the issue instead of covering a few more miles. 

If Possible, Park Your Car At A Safe Place

As soon as you know that your vehicle is in trouble, drive away from the road and find a safe parking spot. This is possible in some scenarios only. But whenever possible exit the highways, pull into a parking lot before it’s too late. Avoid corners, curves, the bottom of a hill, or narrow roads. Stop on the right shoulder unless you have got no other choice. It is recommended to reach a safe point even if the tire gets destroyed because safety is paramount.

Let Others See You

Others need to know that you are in trouble so they can be extra careful while driving by you. We will get to the risks of it a little later but you must turn on the hazard lights. If you travel with safety cones, put them out. Use flashlights, flares, or triangles to make your car visible. If you have got nothing of these with you, pull up the hood of your car. Leave your car lights on during the darker hours.  

Call 911 Or Your Roadside Assistance Company

As soon as you are in a safe spot, use your cell phone or a roadside club to call 911 or your roadside assistance service. Some of the top-rated vehicle insurance companies also offer high-quality roadside assistance. You can also request people passing by for help but you need to be careful of who you are trusting. 

Roadside assistance is typically available around the clock. While the help arrives, hide your valuables and stand at a well-lit place. You can also stay within the car keeping your seatbelt on. If you see or smell smoke from your car, it’s best to move away from it while you are waiting for help.

Use The Roadside Emergency Kit

The roadside emergency kit is one of the best defenses against unexpected situations. You must have a kit that includes a cell phone charger, bottled water, and perishable snacks, jumper cables, road flares, multipurpose tools, and a first aid kit. Make a list of the items and paste it on the box so that you don’t miss any of them. Some knowledge of first aid emergencies can make the difference between life and death during accidents.

Beware Of Theft And Scams

Unfortunately, a roadside emergency also makes you vulnerable. While you have to make yourself visible to protect others and seek help, beware of thefts and scams. Keep your calm and decline help from shady people lurking around for no reason.

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