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Smart real estate businesses rely on three clever strategies

If you’re starting a real estate business, you understand how important it is to make money. What are the most effective ways to achieve the highest returns? A professional real estate agent and the owner of Bin Saeed Estate & Builders, Mehroz Saeed, says “the real money is in flipping multiple properties to make a moderate profit instead of making a big profit with one flip.”These three tips and strategies are used by real estate agents to increase their income.

Stage the property you are sellingBring furniture to house

People have an emotional response when they view property The prospect of living there has to be visualized. If you’re marketing an empty house, you might find it difficult to sell.

Most clients have formed an opinion about a property from the moment they first saw it. Having pictures of empty rooms may not make a compelling first impression, which is key to moving things along.

If you are experiencing difficulty selling an empty house, bring in some furniture so the potential buyer can see how this house looks lived in, even if it is only for the initial photoshoot!

Direct mailers can generate leads

direct mailersToday, this old-school method still works, especially if you narrow your focus on your target market. It even works twice as well as social media marketing when it comes to ROI.

One Direct Marketing Association report found that direct mail outperformed all digital channels in terms of response rate. The cost-per-acquisition was very competitive at $19.

Direct marketing isn’t made the same, and format plays a big role in response rates:

  • Oversized envelopes: 5% response rate.
  • Postcards: 4.25% response rate
  • Dimensional: 4 % response rate
  • Catalogs: 3.9 % response rate
  • Letter-sized envelopes: 3.5 % response rate

There is only one disadvantage to direct mail, which is that you can’t really track where people are receiving it, or where they are seeing it for the first time. Direct mail can be tracked in a number of ways that can take a bit more effort or a larger expenditure.

A recent study shows fewer businesses are using direct mail to reach their customers, so you can stand out from the start and grab attention right away.

Take the broker’s examtake broker exam

Getting licensed as a real estate agent is as simple as taking the appropriate tests required by your state. After you have completed this training, you are permitted to become an independent real estate agent or work with a larger company. In most states, however, brokers often require first-time agents to work under an experienced broker for a few years.

If you have a real estate license, you can open your own practice by hiring other agents. To do this, you have to become a broker.

Once you have passed the broker’s exam, you can open your own real estate brokerage and start collecting commissions from real estate agents who work for you.

A broker’s cut of the agent’s commission is between 20 to 50 percent. It makes sense to become your own broker, not just because you’ll get a better price, but because you won’t lose out on your own commission.

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