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Quartz- the manmade stone makes it mark among the top worktop choices!

Amongst the many types of worktop materials available, quartz worktops Essex have always been highly praised for their strength and beauty. These engineered stones are in demand for their durability and stunning color. 

How this stone is manufactured?

Quartz is an artificial product, it’s not from Earth completely like other materials like granite. The quartz sections are framed from regular quartz, which is one of only a handful few hardest stones on the planet, and to build the tasteful allure of the stone, scarcely any little bits of glass or metal. It is manufactured by blending natural quartz, mirror chips, and 5-7% resin. More pigments are added to enhance the different colors available in quartz. Next, it is finished with a shiny gloss and other reflective materials. 

Huge variety of colors and patterns

Quartz is the only stone available in a variety of patterns and colors. Quartz has multiple varieties than any other mineral. In addition, the processes, materials, and machines used to make quartz are practically the same. Whatever you see for the first time, its beauty is always in the spotlight. 

How do you rate the beauty? 

The stone draws the attention of all the visitors with its amazing elegant charm. When you include these countertops in your kitchen or bathroom, you give your home the most attractive look and feel. Since there are many patterns of natural stone, all quartz slabs have a variety of presentations. 

What is the strength?

Having guaranteed durability quartz worktops Essex are a good choice if you have a family with children or pets. These are extremely durable and reliable for all types of wear and tear. 

Is it good with resistance to stains?

The surface is nonporous which doesn’t absorb any liquid or inhabit dirt. It does not have a stain-proof quality, but it has excellent stain-prevention properties. 

Do I need to worry about scratches?

Install these counters to find out that your work surface is free of scratches, water stains, and debris. 

How much do I need to maintain?

People choose Quartz for white! And upholding white is difficult. Few think that it is difficult to maintain this stone. Therefore it is important to know the facts. Of course, these counters are stain-resistant. Juice and other items may flood the surface but won’t leave stains. With a quartz counter, no matter how rigid the dirt or stain is, you can wipe it off with a soapy damp cloth. Quartz has non-porous properties which lead to staining resistance qualities. In fact, it is the most hygienic option to limit the development of bacteria in areas where the meal is prepared. 

Is it hard to install?

Quartz worktops Essex are quite heavy. Therefore, when installing them, you need professional help. 

What is the price range?

Quartz worktops are expensive and the price is highly dependent on texture, color, and finish. With these features of the countertops, you can see that it is the best among all others. So when are you going to buy quartz worktops Essex, it will transform the entire look of your kitchen.

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