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Playing basketball well: 10 simple tips to be good

Two conditions are necessary to become a good basketball player : maintaining good physical shape and regular training. Added to this is a perfect mastery of the rules of the game and a team spirit. In this article, you will find 10 tips and tricks that will help you play basketball well .

Learn the rules of the game

If you want to become a good basketball player, you must first learn the rules of the game. One of the most important is to master the role of each player on the court according to his position. This will allow you to plan your actions taking into account your own position.

The central players occupy a very important place in the defense of the basket. Their main role is to catch up on rebounds. They occupy a strategic position (close to the basket) which allows them to easily shoot and defend the basket.

The attackers, on the other hand, are qualified for long range shots. They represent the second strategic position of the team. They can play just as well in defense as in attack.

Finally, goalies are the players who get the most points. They are responsible for carrying the ball into the backcourt, passing and shooting from outside. Once you have mastered the position of the players, you must now work on your basics.

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Learn and practice the basics of the game

To play basketball well , you need to work on the basics of dribbling, shooting and defensive strategies.

Start by practicing dribbling in the round. To do this, you have to handle the ball with one hand and make circles around your right foot.

You must then alternate with the other hand and the other leg. For better control, you can practice between chairs.

Then try to perform tricks of 8 while continuing to dribble the ball between your legs. You must try to keep alternating the two hands so that you can quickly change direction on the pitch.

Do round-trip sprints all over the course

Start your dribbles at the start line and sprint back and forth to the free throw line.

Repeat the same exercise, but heading towards the middle of the field. Then start again, this time going to the furthest free throw line.

Finally, perform a series of dribbles going to the other end of the field. While dribbling, don’t forget to shoot a few running shots or throw a ball while jumping.

These exercises will allow you to gain better control of the ball and to play basketball well. Perform this exercise at least three times during each workout.

Improved passing technique

Now let’s move on to improving your passes. First, you have to pass the ball with force in order to give it good speed and to better control it. When throwing the ball, aim at your teammate’s hands for more precision.

Remember that when you finish making a pass, your thumbs should be pointing down. This is the only way to have the right movement and master the ball.

For a start, make easy passes, then you can progress to faster movements. You must avoid jumping when you make a pass at the risk of missing it.

If you get the ball, go meet it and grab it with both hands. When you have the ball, don’t keep it too long. You have to pass it as quickly as possible to your teammate. This will increase your team’s chances of scoring.

Work on the ball throw

Becoming a good basketball player requires a lot of practice. First you have to use your fingers. This is the only way to control the ball during the shots.

Then bend your knees and bend before you take the throw. Now relax to come back to an upright position with your body fully upright with your arms in the air.

The goal when you throw is to score points. In order to play basketball well, it is therefore not important to focus on impossible or complicated angles. Instead, choose easy shooting angles and practice scoring as many points as possible.

When taking your shot, keep your elbow pointed towards the middle of the basket. When you throw the ball, your middle finger should point in the same direction. Finish your throw by giving the impression of putting your hand in the basket.

Work the movement of the fingers

During the shot, your fingers should normally hang down. They should not be joined or stiff. Finish the movement by extending the arm and relaxing the elbow. When releasing the ball, your elbow should be above your eyes.

By training in this way, you will soon become an excellent marksman. So it’s a good way to play basketball well .

This exercise will allow you not to miss your shots and reduce the risk of the ball being intercepted. When you are in possession of the ball, you must avoid touching it with the palms of your hands.



In fact, it’s all in the fingers. At the end of the movement, your thumbs should be pointed down to optimize your ball control.

Adopt a good position

The posture of a good defenseman in basketball is low. In other words, if you’re playing defense, you have to keep your knees bent and your head lower than your opponent’s.

Your legs should be bent with your feet apart. You have to move your feet all the time, because if you stay so still, you risk being passed by an opponent. AMERICAN AIRLINES ARENA AMERICAN AIRLINES CENTER AMWAY CENTER ANFIELD 

Your nose must be above that of the opponent. You will be able to prevent its movements more quickly and thwart them.

If you stand up straight, you could easily get off balance. That’s why a low posture is essential for playing basketball well when you’re a defender.

Learn and master the rebound technique

It is impossible to become a good basketball player without a good mastery of the rebound technique. Your team could easily lose a game because of this.

By moving towards an outside player, you will have a better chance of intercepting a ball. Once again, you must avoid standing up straight. The bent position will give more energy to your jump and more precision to your action.

While jumping, keep your hands outstretched to increase your chances of hitting the ball. The success of a good dribble lies in the wrist.

Before you start training, make sure the ball is inflated. Otherwise, the ball may not bounce well.

Adopt a good training program to play basketball well

Playing basketball well requires being in good physical shape. You must therefore adopt a training program specifically adapted to basketball players. Three 45-minute training sessions per week should be enough to make you more enduring.

In general, basketball training programs include sprinting and jumping rope exercises. Indeed, the best players are able to jump up to 0.60 m.

Also included in the program are defensive movements and shooting exercises from various positions on the field.

Monitor the opponent

These exercises will also allow you to improve your defensive game and have an irresistible footwork. Indeed, a good defender must be constantly on the move otherwise he is completely useless.

Imagine that you have dipped your feet in paint, and that you have to paint the whole area with your steps. So you have to travel a lot. Try to intercept each opponent’s ball. Don’t keep your eyes fixed on the ball, but rather on your opponent.

Keep an eye on him so that you don’t get fooled by the rigged balloons. Be sure to keep it away from the shooting line and the basket.

In short, playing basketball well is essentially about regular training and discipline. You don’t necessarily need a basket and a ball before you practice. You can do push-ups or sit-ups, jump rope or run.

Work on your peripheral vision by focusing on your blind spots. Remember the most important: listen to your coach! Maybe you will play in the NBA one day. ARENA CIUDAD DE MEXICO


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