When it comes to search for a soulmate, girlfriend or companionship these days a lot of men are having some serious trouble and issues. Many men feel they constantly have no luck, get rejected or simply have no success with women. This is happening a lot in the Western world where the majority of women are very independent, are looking for a “perfect guy”, are very materialistic or they just don’t know what they want in general.

Apparently many men are fed up from this situation. They claim that women play so many “games” and feel tired from the dating scene that doesn’t lead to anywhere. For many men it has reached a breaking point.

A new movement has been rising in the last year. A lot of Western men have been travelling to different countries to search for local women to develop a relationship with and to possibly bring them to the US. This phenomenon is called Passport Bros .

It’s called Passport Bros because these men literally grab their passports and travel to destinations such as Thailand, The Philippines, Cambodia or even to South America to countries such as Colombia and Brazil.

In these countries, the women are very feminine, are not effected by the Western life style and social media like it happens in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. They are looking for relationships and being a foreigner is a big plus because they love Western men and in many cases prefer them over a local guy.

Thailand for example is home to 60 million citizens. 4 million are foreigners living and working there and many of them are married to a Thai national. Thailand and The Philippines are the main destinations for Passport Bros due to the level of good English spoken there.

A website that speaks about this movement in great detail is . This site was born last year and was created by 2 US Passport Bros who compiled this amazing guide that covers pretty much everything. They speak about the dating life in the Western world compared to the dating life in other countries, the differences in life style, the fares of traveling to such locations and also about finding employment remotely and locally. Reading this guide is very entertaining and it relates to the life every Western man that has to go through the challenges of dating in the Western world.

So for you guys that are looking for a change or are willing to go on an adventure to find the right woman or simply had enough of the dating scene in the Western world, visiting is a must. You won’t be disapointed.

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