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Must have Android and iPhone Apps in 2021

So, you just bought yourself a cool new phone with MASSIVE storage. Now you’re looking for some awesome new ways to use it up. Good on you! Before you start filling it up games here’s a suggestion: try downloading apps that will make your life easier!

Believe it or not, Google Play Store and Apple Store are FILLED with applications that can solve your problems. For example, ever wondered if your dreams are trying to tell you something? There are tons of “dream journals” on the app store. These apps will let you record your dreams to help you see if there’s an underlying pattern to events in your life.

Another example would be an app that automatically makes sure that all your pictures and videos are taken in the horizontal format to make them more social media friendly. Who knew we’d need a whole new app for that? But it makes is a ton easier to take pictures holding the phone vertically because we no longer have to worry about the aesthetics.

If you’re looking for some noteworthy must-have apps in your phone besides the common ones like Facebook and Messenger, we’ve come up with a list of eight that you can download, most of which, are available on both, Google Play, and Apple Store.

1.    Horizon

Remember how we just talked about apps that will let you take pictures and record videos in the horizontal mode no matter what way you hold your phone? Well, this is it. The application is called Horizon, and its goal is to make sure that any media elements you create with your phone are social media friendly.

So even if you’re used to taking pictures with your phone held vertically, this will automatically cut parts of them off, leaving you a neat, horizontal image that you can easily post to your Instagram or Facebook without having to use any third-party application to edit it.

This not only makes sure you get the perfect pictures every time, but also lets you instantly share or upload without wasting any more time in editing. To make things even better, the app also comes with 25 built-in filters and editing powerful editing features like HDR and timer. All in all, you won’t realize how useful this neat little application is until you actually use it.

Download it on Google Play and Apple Store right here.

2.    PaperKarma

Junk and spam emails are annoying. But you can always unsubscribe to them. But what do you do with the junk email that comes directly to your mailbox and you have to find ways to get rid of them every time you receive them. If things like catalogues you didn’t ask for, charity donation requests, mails from direct marketers, and mails for previous residential owners annoying your very wits, here’s something for you: PaperKarma!

With this app, you can unsubscribe to any mail you want so that your mailbox doesn’t get filled with paper junk every few days. Innovative right. Here’s how this works; whenever you receive unwanted mail, just snap a picture of it, and as long as the mail is directly addressed to you, the app will get your address removed from the senders mailing list.

Say hello to paperjunk-free days! If you’ve dreamt of waking up to a neat mailbox with no mails that will not soak up extra energy or space from you, this is your fairytale.

Want to download the app? It’s available on both Google Play, and Apple Store. Download away!

3.    Any.Do

Can’t shake off this nagging feeling of having “forgotten” something at times? Like to plan things meticulously so that you have everything in front of you at a glance? Don’t like things falling out of schedule? Any.Do is an app for you!

Stop jotting down your to-do lists on paper and start planning your schedule with Any.Do. This small but robust application will let you list down all the tasks that you have to do, and it will make sure to arrange all your tasks in front of you at any given moment.

This way you immediately know everything that needs to be taken care of and when, without skipping a task. Need to know your immediate upcoming tasks? Use its ‘moment’ feature to make sure you’re planning ahead and staying on schedule.

If you’re the type of person who thrives having a busy schedule and likes to keep things and time slots sorted by planning ahead, this app will give you a clear picture of how to organize your days and weeks to make sure you have plenty of time to complete all your tasks.

Love the concept? Download Any.Do today on Google Play Store, and Apple Store.

4.    Walk Up Alarm Clock

Want to start waking up early but are currently tired down by your habit of hitting snooze every time your alarm rings? If you feel like you need a stronger alarm clock to get you up and off your feet in the morning, this app will feel like it was invented just for you.

Walk Up Alarm Clock is, well, an alarm clock with a unique twist for snoozers—it will not stop blaring until you’ve gotten out of bed, and walked at least ten steps. Don’t feel like ten steps will do the job for you? The number of steps on this app is adjustable up to a hundred, so you can add in as many as you think will take you to fully wake up.

Whether you’re a deep sleeper who’s always late to work or their classes because they just can’t wake up on time, or you’re just trying to start a winning morning routine, whatever your reason for waking up early is, this nifty alarm application will make sure you’re up and out, no matter how deep of a sleeper you are.

Want to give it an honest whirl? Download the app today on Google Play Store, and Apple Store.

5.    Noonlight

Do you get a little afraid of being out alone every time you switch on the news because there’s always something about a kidnapping, a murder, a robbery, or something equally bone-chilling? Do you think several times before going to the grocery store or even walking to your car alone at night?

We don’t blame you. Things can get scary really quicky and the best we can do to protect ourselves is to stay alert and take all the precautions we can. One application that really helps keep a sense of safety around walking or travelling alone is Noonlight, by SafeTrek Inc.

This app features a simple interface with a button that says “Hold until safe”. The app works by you keeping your thumb on the “hold until safe” button until you’re at your destination or with people you consider ‘safe’.

In case something goes wrong, simply let go of your phone, or remove your hand from the button and it will automatically call the police and notify them of your whereabouts. Better than pepper spray, this application has been receiving 5-stars everywhere and has been named as one of the best safety apps out there.

Download it today on Google Play Store, and Apple Store.

6.    Countdown+

Do you always miss your best friend’s or partner’s birthday by a few minutes even when you’ve been keeping track of time very closely? Like the idea of countdowns instead of setting alarms for all the special events in your life? If so, Countdown+ is likely to become one of your favorite apps very quickly.

With its simple and neat interface, this one will let you keep track of the events most important to you by showing you a countdown to them. Easy-to-use, self-explanatory, and simple, this one is as clever as an application can get.

Can’t wait to count down to an upcoming event? Download the app on Google Play Store and Apple Store today.

7.    Engross: Focus Timer, To-Do List & Day Planner

If your work routine feels more like random bursts of energy rather than a steady flow, this is the application for you. This app lets you work in time-boxes of 25 minutes (you can customize the time slots according to whatever works best for you). This lets you focus your energy in those 25 minutes by cutting off all distractions, for example notifications, and even internet access.

After 25 minutes, you can take a 5-minute break. This is called the ‘Pomodoro technique’, which is a time management technique that was invented by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980’s in attempt to increase focus and train your brain to minimize the habit of acting on impulse and instead, focus more on the task at hand.

Apart from letting you sharpen your focus on time-boxes, this app also doubles as a to-do list and a day planner. Pretty cool, right?

Want to try it out? You’d be surprised at how well this handy little app works! Download is here on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

8.    Ivacy

Interested to watch shows on Netflix that aren’t available in your country yet? Want to access sites that are blocked by your government? Want a vpn for windows for online safety and scared of falling into in to cybercrimes? Ivacy will let you do all of that.

Enjoy complete online privacy, anonymity, and security with Ivacy’s highly secure plans offering up to 256-Bit military grade encryption, split tunneling for faster browsing and streaming, and kill switch to ensure that connection is intact at all times.

Make sure that your cell phone is secure at all times with a top-rated VPN service.

Download Ivacy today from Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Loved our collection? We hope you find these apps helpful! Got any apps that you can’t live without and you want the world to know? Let us know in the comments below!

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