Moving an office can be a hassle – Top Tips on how to do it

Moving an office can bring with it many unexpected problems that are not part of the normal operation of the company. It doesn’t matter if you are just moving to an outbuilding or straight to another city. Both usually mean the amount of waste that is difficult to dispose of. In the article, we will talk about how to move your office easily, thoughtfully, and ecologically.

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Download planning

Of course, the ideal solution is to hire a company for professional office relocation. It saves time and considerable problems that appear during the download. This is especially useful if you need to move quickly to new premises. But if for some reason you want to have the removal of the office in your own hands, it is wise to follow a few basic rules. You need to start by planning, preferably by writing a list of what will be downloaded. At the same time, you will make sure that nothing is missing and there is nothing extra.

It only makes sense to move to the new space those things that have some value and will be used further. This is a problem especially with the disposal of old furniture, which of course you can not easily throw into the container. A good idea in this regard is, for example, its donation or sale to employees. Or you can donate it to charity. Alternatively, call a removal company that will destroy it for you. The problem can also occur if you have any special needs, such as producing a waste product that must be disposed of in a special way.

Here it is necessary to keep in mind the storage space in the new place. Where you will keep the mentioned waste until it is picked up by the disposal company.

Download on time and on schedule

Remember to develop a download plan, which is an important part of the whole process of moving companies. This is due to the higher speed and efficiency of downloading. It is mainly a plan of the original and new offices. It will help you especially if you want to solve a fast download, you have a very limited time or there are some problems with the download. Moving ecologically As we have already mentioned, the biggest problem with ecological removals is the generated waste. Here is one of the best solutions to subject downloading to the principles of zero waste – without packaging.

What exactly does that mean?

First of all, try to avoid the usual purchase of boxes, but rather use everything at your disposal, such as stored in the warehouse. It is also a good idea to use cloth bags. Of course, not everything can be packaged in fabric or recyclable containers, but try to pack as much as possible. At the same time, think carefully about what to take and what is just an unnecessary waste of space. But before that, don’t forget to mark all the containers and bags properly. So that you don’t have a problem unpacking and storing things in new spaces.

Later, after moving the office, you can of course implement more zero waste tips, which are mainly related to the work in the office itself. This is mainly about saving energy and sensibly replacing items in the office with their more environmentally friendly versions. For example, you can replace stationery, food, or cosmetics for employees with homemade products that are not only comparable to branded products. But are also becoming more and more popular. An important principle when buying things for the office is to remember to support local manufacturers, which will also help your surrounding environment.

Bonus tip at the end

When packing office items in an environmentally friendly manner, be sure to avoid plastic packaging before moving. Prefer paper in a proven packaging scheme – paper box, paper filler, paper adhesive tape. At the same time, the best thing you can do in this direction is to make the most of this second-hand packaging. For example, from suppliers, local companies, or customers. Don’t throw anything away, everything can be used for downloading.

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