Move from Dubai to Canada Immigration in 2021

Did you know that Canada immigration from Dubai is increasing every year? It is supposedly increasing and going over more than 3 million. Every individual wants to move to Canada and why not.

It is for all the good reasons that immigrants opt for Canada. With the pandemic situation on the rise, it is the best option for you to plan to move in 2021. Simply get your masks up and make it happen.

If you opt for Canada Immigration Services in Dubai, you shall understand the reasons in quite detail. Canada is by far the friendless country with their people who are extremely welcoming with a humble personality.

It attracts several immigrants and due to its abundance in providing various significant opportunities. because it is perfect place for families to settle in as it is the safest place due to its low crime rate.

Not only for students and skilled workers but also for there are multiple opportunities for businessmen and women.

As Canada is a strong promoter of arts and culture, artists prefer Canada over other countries. During the pandemic situation, the Canadian government has provided huge funds in support of arts and artists. 

More about Canada:

Canada is known to rank one of the highest in the category of international quantification of Government transparency, economic freedom and most importantly education.

It witnesses immigration on a very large scale every year than any other country. In comparison with the United Arab Emirates, the lifestyle of Canada is absolutely different and more evolved.

The quality of life that Canada provides is much greater hence canada immigration from abu dhabi brings many benefits for the immigrants. 

Higher education:

Most of the students opt for Canada for their higher education. As Canada is known for its highest literacy rate, it offers students a prominent education for their future.

Students receive the best facilities with top-notch Universities and institutions. Once their course gets completed, it is not so difficult for them to acquire their Canada PR from Dubai.

Canada provides you with a vast choice in terms of courses. With its safe and secure campuses, studying in Canada becomes the ideal education destination.

So, the campuses here are filled with diverse groups that provide students with the opportunity to explore and learn about various cultures.

Better opportunities:

Having called Canada the land of opportunities, it truly sticks to its name. As it provides Canada work permit from Abu Dhabi or any other parts of the world, it becomes extremely easy for immigrants to find their job opportunities here. Canada faces a lack of skilled people in the country, to fill this void.

Eligibility Criteria:

Any country that you wish to relocate has some of the other criteria to apply. Likewise, Canada has criteria too, though much more lenient than the other countries.

Getting the best Immigration Consultants in Dubai for Canada can clarify your criteria according to your requirements. They pretty much customize their services for you, which takes the move go further.

Below mentioned are the points that you need to keep in mind as the eligibility requirement.

  1. For Express Entry Program a minimum of 67 points is required to apply.
  2. Being good at English language or French Language is required.
  3. A full-time work experience for at least 2 years under – 
  • For Managerial work
  • To Professional work
  • Technical work and Skilled Trades
  1. Sufficient cash required in order to support your immigration.

With these, you need your educational, health and character certificates too. 

Steps to apply for Canada PR from Dubai: 

As we have established our criteria for immigration, we need to understand how to apply. It is always advisable to get a Canada PR Consultant in Dubai, as it becomes easier than to do this process all by yourself.

Now it is crucial to understand that in every category that there is to apply for PR, there is a specific way or a few specific steps that are exclusive to that category.

However, the most common way to apply is the Express Entry method, as it is a neutral method. Individuals who fall under the Federal Economic class can opt for this.

In case of immigration to the provinces of Canada, there is Provincial Nominee Program, for Quebec there is Quebec Immigration method, for businessmen and women, there is Business Program as so on for the rest of the classes. The basic steps that one needs to follow are as below –

  • Understand your criteria for application. 
  • Gather your relevant documents like educational, health and work.  
  • Apply for Educational Credential Assessment.
  • Create your profile with Express Entry and fill in your details.

As soon as you create your profile, you will receive an invitation indicating that you can now apply for the Canadian PR visa. 

To consider:

After a detailed assessment of your eligibility criteria requirements, you should follow the set of steps to apply for your Canadian PR from Dubai.

Whether you are a skilled professional or a student, Canada has something for all. Opting to apply via a Canada PR Consultant in Dubai can give you a lot of benefits as they understand your requirements with quite an ease.  With their guidance, you can settle in Canada with ease.

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