Misconceptions Over Commercial Solar Melbourne

Solar energy is a renewable energy resource that has a lot of advantages over the electric power supply. As it is pollution-free, almost all urban cities prefer solar energy for their basic power needs as well as commercial needs. One of the main features of commercial solar Melbourne is, once a solar panel is installed power generation is fully free of cost for the rest of the years. It needs less attention and maintenance than another source of energy. Even it is being used by many top companies as well as in many homes all over the world, it has some misconceptions that are to be debunked by proper knowledge and guidance. Here are some common myths over solar panels and cleared by proper information below

Myth 1: Sunny Climate Is Better For Solar Power Generation

The working of these solar panels does not depend upon temperature due to the sun. Instead, it just observes the light and then produces solar energy with full efficiency. But everyone thinks that solar panels produce a lot of energy during high temperatures on sunny days and it is absolutely a misconception, in fact, the efficiency of the solar panels is reduced during high temperatures. During rainy seasons, it works with 50% efficiency and the remaining would be taken from the energies which are saved on sunny days.

Myth 2: Wind, Birds Can Damage The Panels

It is said that bird droppings and heavy wind and storms can cause damage to the panels. Especially bird droppings reduce the panel’s efficiency and so it is advised to set a scarecrow to keep the birds away from the panels. At forest areas and hill stations, there may be the chances of monkeys’ presence and it would scratch and jump on the panels. But it is completely safe and manufactured with high resistant power to all physical damages. So, you need not bother about animals and bird’s droppings on the panels and it won’t affect the efficiency

Myth 3: Solar Panels Are Expensive

Many people think that solar is a luxury and suits only those who are wealthy. This is completely wrong due to improper awareness about this. EMI, government subsidies, and loans made solar affordable for everyone. Its monthly fee or loan is less than your regular electricity bill. This made everyone go for solar instead of electricity and it is completely eco-friendly to our environment. Once the loan or payback on your investment is recovered at 5-7 years, then the rest of the 18-20 years’ power is free of cost.

What Are The Best Tips To Take Care Of Your Solar System Melbourne

Myth 4: Solar Panels Damage The Roofs

As said, it won’t damage the roofs in any situation instead it protects the roof from high temperature sunny, bird droppings. Panels are water-resistant so that dust and bird droppings can be cleaned easily at panels than roofs. The things used in the solar panel installation are lightweight and won’t damage the roofs anymore. And the installers are also well trained and able to handle any tough situations while fixing them on your roofs. so it is nothing to bother about your roofs.

Myth 5: Solar Panel Will Be Installed Only On Own Buildings:

Have you not yet owned the building and need to utilize solar power? Solar Panel is an easy thing and can be solved by various methods. There are a lot of solar panel models and designs that have been launched. It have various features which would be transferred easily from one place to another. Not only for the massive production of power but also solar can be used for charging electronic gadgets which you use in day to day life. Hundreds of advancements have been done in solar to make it compatible and so you do not need your own building to generate power.

Myth 6: Heavy Load Appliances Cannot Be Run By Commercial Solar Melbourne

This is totally a misconception. Every solar company would calculate your energy needs and plan according to your energy needed. 1 kW which is 3 solar panels have the capability of providing 4 units of power per day. So, approximately a 2 BHK house needs up to 8 panels to generate power for their daily needs. This is because almost every house in cities is switching to solar to reduce their electricity bill. It is also advisable by the experts as it is pollution-free.

Final Words:

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