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Maruti Ciaz vs Honda City Comparison – Which is better?

When it comes to the C2 segment cars in India, Maruti Ciaz and Honda City emerge as two major choices. Both the cars are extremely popular and are famous as each other’s competitor in the market for the top spot in the C2 segment. While the earlier trends in the segment showed that Honda City, an undisputed king as Baleno and Ciaz were still struggling, the stats have changed now. Maruti Ciaz has caused a big dent in the sales of Honda City and has even sold more cars in many regions, as compared to Honda City.

While both the cars offer classy looks, a well-planned cabin and an amazing line-up of features, they also differ in many areas. Here, we are going to do a thorough comparison of Maruti Ciaz and Honda City to offer a fair representation of information in a comparative manner.  If you are planning to buy a new car in the C2 segment, we recommend taking a thorough read of the following post and then making the purchase.

The Maruti Ciaz has started to show off its age and needs skin-deep changes to stand in the queue of modern rivals – City and Verna. While the Verna exudes sportiness, the City gets a mature design that comprehends the timelessness associated with the Honda sedan. The Honda City is the longest, widest and tallest sedan provided by Honda and Maruti Ciaz has the maximum wheelbase. The Honda City is the best car with the biggest width followed by the Ciaz. The Maruti sedan also gets the biggest boot here, slightly bigger than the City 2020. The cabin of the Honda City feels the most premium and upmarket. The soft-touch leatherette upholstery on the dashboard along with glossy faux wood insert looks premum.The Maruti Ciaz, on the other hand, has a simple layout but the use of lighter shades inside makes it looks good.

Maruti Ciaz vs Honda City – Comparison:


Maruti Ciaz Price in Kerala:

Car Model Price
Alpha INR 9.71 lakhs
AT Alpha INR 10.77 lakhs
AT Delta INR 9.61 lakhs
AT Zeta INR 9.79 lakhs
Delta INR 8.45 lakhs
Sigma INR 8.01 lakhs
Zeta INR 9.07 lakhs

Honda City Prices:

Car Model Petrol varient Diesel varient
S INR 8.50 lakh
SV INR 9.54 lakh INR 10.76 lakh
V INR 10.00 lakh INR 11.56 lakh
V CVT INR 11.54 lakh
VX INR 11.65 lakh INR 12.87 lakh
VX CVT INR 12.85 lakh
ZX INR 13.57 lakh
ZX CVT INR 13.53 lakh

In the price segment, Ciaz emerges as a winner because it offers the similar specification and feature offerings at much lower prices. While Honda City might offer some extra features, the price tag is very high as compared to that of Ciaz. Hence, Ciaz is obviously at an advantage.


In the mileage department, the Maruti Ciaz excels Honda City. There are three car classes in each model and the value of mileage for each one of them is mentioned in the following section:

Maruti Ciaz

  • Petrol Automatic – 19.12 KMPL
  • Petrol Manual – 20.73 KMPL
  • Diesel Manual – 28.09 KMPL

Honda City

  • Petrol Automatic – 18.00 KMPL
  • Petrol Manual – 17.40 KMPL
  • Diesel Manual – 25.6 KMPL

Type of Engine

  • Honda City: 1497 cc i-VTEC Petrol/ 1498 cc i-DTEC Diesel
  • Maruti Ciaz: 1372 cc Petrol/1248 cc Diesel

Power Configuration

  • Honda City: 117 bhp / 99 bhp
  • Maruti Ciaz: 91 bhp / 89 bhp

Torque Configuration

  • Honda City: 145 Nm / 200 Nm
  • Maruti Ciaz: 130 Nm / 200 Nm


  • Honda City: 5 speed Manual/6 speed manual/4-speed AT (only petrol)
  • Maruti Ciaz: 5 speed manual/5 speed manual/4 speed Automatic (only petrol)

As far as the specifications are concerned, Honda City enjoys an upper hand over the Maruti Ciaz. The performance of the petrol model of Honda City is better as compared to the models of Maruti Ciaz. This inference is based on the theoretical stats, but when it comes to real performance, Ciaz delivers better performance.

Maruti Ciaz vs Honda City – Final Verdict

When it is a scuffle between the segment leaders, making the final verdict to decide the winner is a tough task. Ciaz scores more than Honda City in terms of mileage and cabin space and comes at a lower price. On the other hand, the Honda City impresses the customers with a powerful petrol engine and a classy interior.

Hence, the final decision depends on the requirements of the customers, as some people might be looking for a more affordable car and others might look for a classier look.

Furthermore, the people with families and kids would be looking for more space in the rear seat, and must opt for the Maruti Ciaz. Likewise, if you wish to have a more powerful petrol car, Honda City is a better option.

Well, all in all, the Maruti Ciaz emerges as a better choice as compared to Honda City.

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