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Make Sure to Get a Vacuum Repaired Before Spring Cleaning.

During spring cleaning season, your vacuum cleaner is your best friend. Bring your vacuum cleaner to our Salt Lake City shop for a checkup.

Vacuums 360 has additional locations in Orem and South Jordan to better serve our customers in northern Utah. All models of vacuums are available for repair.

One of the most well-known brand named Miele available in the market, Miele c1 and c2 is one of the best vacuum cleaners which preform excellently in you daily house keeping activities.

1. Spring Cleaning in Utah

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Spring cleaning has been a tradition for thousands of years. It was much more difficult back then when vacuums weren’t invented and floors weren’t designed. ).

Many homeowners and apartment dwellers urge to purge when warmer temperatures arrive.

We begin to empty our garages and closets and toss items we don’t need. Then we work to remove the dust bunnies under the furniture to bring order back into our lives.

2. Carpet and Floor Vacuuming

Vacuum cleaners are designed to remove dirt from carpets and floors.

We could vacuum them instead of cleaning them. However, this will only kick up dust and scatter it.

While you may end up with a heap of debris from your sweep, the smaller and lighter dust particles still on your floor have moved elsewhere. Vacuuming bare floors is more effective and cleaner.

Your vacuum is an essential tool for carpet cleaning. People used carpet sweepers before vacuums were invented. They also carried their rugs outside to remove dust with a rug beater. These can still be purchased at Ikea but are mainly used for decoration.

The carpet sweepers had a rotating brush that you used to push dirt into a particular compartment.

The beater bar is a part of today’s vacuums. An electric motor powers this bar. The big difference is that carpet sweepers and vacuums can pick up dirt.

However, vacuums can do more than just clean floors and rugs when it comes to spring cleaning!

3. Vacuum Your Upholstery

Many vacuum cleaners include a variety of attachments that can be used to clean other areas of your house than the floors. The upholstery attachment is one of the most popular attachments.

This tool is excellent for vacuuming chairs and sofa cushions. You’ll be able to see the dirt and crumbs underneath these cushions when you remove them from your furniture.

This tool may have a removable bristled toothbrush, or it could be a separate tool. The bristles can be especially helpful for pet owners.

4. Vacuum Your Drapes

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Your upholstery attachment can be used to vacuum your curtains and drapes.

Dust, pet hair and pollen can accumulate on curtains and drapes. They are also right next to open windows. This area of our home is also less often cleaned, which means that dirt accumulates.

You can wash some curtains in the washer and dry them. However, if they are heavy or have to be ironed, taking them down and putting them back up can be challenging. You might be able to vacuum them.

You need to have enough suction to clean your drapes and curtains, but not so much that the vacuum could suck them into the bag.

Use the adjustment wheel on the hose handle to achieve the perfect level of suction for cleaning your curtains and drapes.

5. Vacuum Your Furniture

Many vacuum attachments come with soft brushes that can vacuum hard surfaces like shelves and tables.

These items may be used regularly throughout the year. However, for spring cleaning, you will need to take the books and other articles off the shelves, vacuum them, and then vacuum the frame and replace the items.

You may not have been diligent about dusting throughout the year, but spring cleaning will reveal dust settled between books and behind knickknacks.

This handy attachment can dust mirrors, picture frames and other household items. Simply attach it to the end of an extender segment to easily vacuum baseboards, chair rails, and wainscoting without bending.

6. Vacuum All Crevices

The crevice tool is an essential part of your vacuum attachment kit.

This vacuum is ideal for cleaning out corners of kitchen cabinets and drawers, your computer keyboard and other electronic devices.

7. Vacuum Cleaner Repair

Your vacuum may seem to work fine. But are you sure? Vacuums can lose suction over time, as is well-known.

It is not worth putting in the effort to vacuum your home from top to bottom to prepare for spring cleaning.

Vacuums 360 can repair your vacuum or give you a checkup. Vacuums 360 will test your vacuum to determine if it has lost its suction power.

Vacuum repairs may be necessary to restore the vacuum’s full capabilities. You might also want to check your brush attachments while you are here.

We will show you how to clean attachment brushes and make them perform better. Brushes clogged with dust won’t perform as well and can even scratch your floors.

However, brushes that have been used for a long time may need to be replaced if they are very worn down.

We can help you with any Dyson, Sebo or Kirby vacuum.

There’s a Vacuum360 near Spanish Fork, American Fork or Millcreek.

We are the experts in vacuum repair.

8. Also Ensure So Vacuum Perform as Good as New

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Make sure to check the size of your brush. The brush height must be adjusted to the flooring you’re cleaning.

Shag rugs require the highest setting for brushing, while low-pile and bare floor carpets require the lowest setting to properly clean the floor. If you’re using the lowest set for medium to high-pile carpet or rug, you’re using up the brush too much.

However, when using the highest setting on an unfinished floor, the brush bristles don’t have contact with the floor, so they’re not doing any good for you.

In a year or two, it’s possible to replace the beater brush on your vacuum. If the bristles appear broken, squished or have different sizes and widths, it’s necessary to get a new brush. You can find them online, along with your vacuum cleaner’s model and brand.

Here’s how you can remove your beater brush

  1. Take off the plate that holds the brush. Some models come with clips that keep the plate in place, while others have screws that need removal.
  2. Take the bar from both sides and raise it. The bar should be able to slide out of a slot at both ends.
  3. Remove the brush from the belt rubber.

To set the new brush, you simply have to slide the new belt through the slot in the belt on the side of the brush (a groove that is the same width as the belt that is usually located in the middle of the opposite end of the brush).

Then place the lots of the brush into the slots on either side of the opening. Replace the plate.

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