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Login and setup through the Asus router app?

Asus router app provides a user-friendly setup tool. You can set up your router by wireless or a wired network. It’s much easier and intuitive to manage your home network if you are using the Asus router app. Starting from the setup to managing everything related to your device, you can do everything with your Smartphone/tablet. You do not need to start your computer/laptop. This article will help you to access the easy Asus router setup wizard using the Asus router app.

Asus Router Setup Procedure using Asus App:

Do you have an idea how will you set up your router using the Asus app? Following the Step-by-step procedure mentioned below will help you in a quick setup in less than 10 minutes. You will need:

  • An Asus router
  • A modem
  • A network cable
  • A laptop/computer or a Smartphone

Follow the below steps to install your router using the Asus router app:

  1. Step 1- Connect the Router

  • Power the router by plugging in the power cord.
  • Put the end in the back or top of the router.
  • Plug 1 end of the network cable into the WAN port of your router.
  • Plug the other end into a LAN port on your modem.
  • Turn on the router by pressing the ‘Power’ button on the back or top of the router if it’s not already pressed. You can now set up the router.
  1. Step 2- Set up the router

  • Method 1: via a computer
  • Open an internet browser and open the user interface of your Asus router. The computer you’re using must be connected to the network of your router.
  • You will now enter the ‘Quick Internet Setup’, a tool with which you will have the router working within a few minutes. Start by clicking on ‘Next’.
  • For security reasons, enter a new password with which you will access the user interface of your router. Then click on ‘Next’. Note: this is not the password of your Wi-Fi network.
  • The router automatically detects your internet connection. Settings are adjusted accordingly.
  • In the next screen, enter the desired network name and a corresponding password. This is the name that you see when you start searching for available Wi-Fi signals with your phone. Press the ‘Next’ icon when you’ve entered the required settings page.
  • The router is now set up. You’ll automatically be redirected to the main page of the router. Select the English language at the top right corner to make the navigation easier.

Method 2: via a Smartphone

Before you start, you must have downloaded the Asus application:

  • Switch on Wi-Fi on your phone. Search out of the available networks for the standard network of your router and log in with the password of your Wi-Fi.
  • Start the Asus Router application.
  • The application automatically searches for available Asus routers within the network. When you will find the router, a ‘1’ will appear in the lower right-hand corner next to the ‘I want to set up a new router’ option. Press this icon to proceed further.
  • Select your router on the next screen.
  • The application now receives information from the router. This takes up to 10 seconds. Then press the ‘Start’ button at the ‘Quick Internet Setup’ icon.
  • Choose a network name (SSID) and a password for your Wi-Fi network. This is the name that you will see when searching for available wireless networks. Then click on ‘Next’.
  • You can now set an Asus router login name and password for the router. You use this data to set up the router, so it has nothing to do with the Wi-Fi network. After setting the data, select ‘Next’.
  • The router is now set up and will restart. As soon as the router is started up you have to search the Wi-Fi settings of your phone for the Wi-Fi name you entered. Connect to this.
  • Once you’re connected, you can use the Asus Router application to further set up the router.

Login via ASUS App:

Whether you need to set up your VPN, learn about your ISP, or just need to change your current configurations, you should know how to log in to your router. You can choose from a variety of routers available in the market depending upon your configuration needs. ASUS routers are highly reliable and user-friendly. Users can easily understand and operate their router just by knowing some basic things about it.

ASUS Login Steps:

If you have recently brought an ASUS router, you must be aware of the steps to be followed for login. Below are the various steps that one must follow to log in to the router:

  1. Connect via LAN or Wirelessly- You can either use an Ethernet cable to connect your router to the devices. Also, you can try to connect it wirelessly.
  2. Login via IP Address using a web browser- Open a web browser and enter the IP Address to start the ASUS login process. If it does not work, you can try using
  3. Access the router using default login credentials- The technician who will set up your device will tell you about the default login details of your router. Otherwise, you can get the written details from the backside of your router.

Default logins for ASUS:

IP Address Username Password Admin Admin
Admin Password Root Admin admin


So you are done with the setup and login of your ASUS router. You should be aware of the basic information about your router. You can use the user manual of your router to get all the details about your router. And, you can call us 24*7 for any query.

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