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Living miles apart? Worry no more; learn how to send Rakhi gifts to your sister to India from the USA?

This year has been troublesome for everybody. With the pandemic and the hassle of keeping up with the Covid-restrictions, people have been struggling to keep a positive attitude. It is especially difficult for people who live away from their families. For example, all those who are residing in the United States of America cannot come back to celebrate Raksha Bandhan this year. There is no other feasible option for them than to send the Rakhi gifts for their sister to India, and wish them a happy life.

Online Rakhi Gifts to India

Rakhi will be celebrated on 22nd August this year, which is a Sunday. It is a special occasion for every Indian sister as the celebration of Rakhi is a symbol of the everlasting bond between siblings. Of course, with the terror of the Coronavirus infection, many sisters won’t be able to put tilak on their brother’s foreheads, but that doesn’t mean that Rakhi will have a lacklustre celebration this year.

There are many sites that have beautiful Rakhi gifts and an efficient delivery system so that your sister can have her gifts on the day of Raksha Bandhan itself. One of the best websites for choosing and sending a Rakhi gift to India is – They are passionate about their website and they have a wide variety of Rakhi gifts to choose from. There is a great collection of the latest gifts, and sending Rakhi gifts to India will be a lot less troublesome with their efficient “same-day-delivery” system.

Whatever website you choose to use, make sure that they have an extensive collection of Rakhi gifts. This is a significant day to honour the sibling bond, it is important to make the Rakhi gift a memorable gesture for your sister. Timely delivery is something to be stressed about, as late receiving of Rakhi gifts will spoil the fun. Fortunately, many sites are capable of delivering online Rakhi gifts to India within the time limit.

Why choose Oyegifts while giving Rakhi gifts online to India?

It is time-consuming to go around shops looking for the perfect Rakhi gift. If you are in the USA, it can be a daunting task to find the appropriate Rakhi gift to send online to your sister. Then you would have to go through the hassle of courier companies and extravagant charges. has made the task for their customers so much easier. Their workers understand that there are a lot of sentiments attached to Rakhi gifts, and they make their tasks of delivery a priority. The workers are well-trained and Oyegifts have been in the business of delivering gifts for a long time so they are surely worthy of your trust.

Distance should not be a factor when it comes to bringing a smile to your sister’s face. It should not matter that you reside in the USA or any other country, the feeling associated with these Rakhi gifts are like no other. Furthermore, India is a vast country and it is crucial to choose a dependable service that can deliver to any city. Oyegifts can deliver Rakhi gifts to a large number of locations, and among the destinations for delivery, some of the most popular cities are-

  • Noida
  • Hyderabad
  • Pune
  • Gurgaon
  • Chennai
  • Kolkata
  • Lucknow
  • Bangalore
  • Mumbai

Apart from these popular destinations, there are 650 additional cities in which the Rakhi gifts can be delivered. They specialize in one-day delivery, so people can take their time in browsing the numerous items on this site. So, there are no worries about the trouble of delivery anymore.

What should you choose when sending an online Rakhi gifts to India?

There are a lot of presents to choose from. Sites like Oyegifts and many others offer a huge range of items, starting from roses to chocolates, and choosing between them becomes a hassle.

Make sure to keep in mind your sister’s tastes and preferences while choosing a gift for her. Raksha Bandhan is a day when a sister prays for her brother’s protection, so make sure she feels your affection for her by receiving a thoughtful gift.

Gifting a proper gift combo can also be a great idea. There are many beautiful combos of sweets, savouries and flowers, but if none of them strikes your fancy, you can always choose to create your own gift combo as many websites offer that option.

Some of the Rakhi gift ideas are listed below-

  • Chocolates, cakes or mithai to satisfy her sweet tooth
  • Mystery novels if she is a book worm
  • Coffee mugs or pretty cup sets
  • Personalized cushions or lamps that will remind her of you

There are many more items to choose from, and now you can browse through them at leisure because sending a Rakhi gift online to India from any country is not a problem anymore.

A couple of years back, people would marvel at the concept of delivering gifts within the one-day time limit, but today this is not an impossible situation anymore. So, remember to choose with care because there is no bond more special than the one you share with your sister.

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