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List of resources to create a work from home job

If you are new to work from home or you have been practicing so for years now, you need resources to help you work productively. These tools help you work productively so that you don’t pass your time just watching Netflix. Furthermore, as your career advances, you might have to travel to certain locations to get your job done or a change of location will give you higher opportunities for you. You must be prepared for any opportunities that come your way.

Even if you are staying at the same place, these resources will help you perform better both personally and professionally. In this article, you will find resources that will help you shape your career and help you progress professionally. This list is an all-inclusive list of resources for anyone from the city or town who can find something for themselves. Not all are privy to the luxuries of many so read on to find resources that might help shape your remote work career.


Digital nomads are often traveling from one zone to another, apart from the time differences, they also have to deal with the uncertainty of the environment. At the comfort of your home, you might find everything at your disposal but for digital nomads, it is often a challenge.

Also, with the difference in time zone or even if you are traveling, you need constant reminders or automated reminders to keep you updated on your schedule, just like a personal assistant. If you wish to do less manual work or simply want to automate your life, automation is a great option. You might also need remote desk software for your workplace.  Here are some resources that can help you automate your schedule so you don’t miss out on your next deadline.

  • Buffer – Buffer allows you to schedule your social media posts. This is a helpful resource if you use social media for side work. Not only does buffer allow you to schedule your content for social media, but it also allows you to make sure the post is up when it is supposed to be.
  • Calendar – Google Calendar is a great way to schedule your day. Plan your day or week on the calendar and you will receive reminders as scheduled. This way you can keep a track of your day or a deadline and not get lost in time. You can also set recurring tasks so you don’t have to manually do it every single time.

Automation helps save a lot of time and effort. Let’s say you have an important post that needs to go up on your social media handles, simply use an app to schedule your posts so that you can get other chores done.

Book recommendations

Books are a great source of knowledge. You gain immense information and ideas when you read one. If you are looking for long-term resources that will help create a perfect work-from-home job, books will greatly help you do so.

Books in any form, be it a physical copy, a Kindle, or as an audiobook is a great shortcut way to gain knowledge. Here are some book recommendations that will help you prosper in your remote job career.

  • Deep Work – The books help you cultivate the habit of focus. Focus is extremely important if you are doing work from home or for any job. Not entirely on remote work, but you will find some amazing facts that will help your career immensely.
  • The Art of Staying Productive even across distance: This book talks about the art of remote collaboration. You will find simple techniques, packed with good pieces of advice on how to master remote collaboration. Do give this a read if you are looking for remote collaboration.
  • Your brain at work: Another book that doesn’t entirely focus on work from home, but is paced with knowledge on how to avoid distractions, maintain focus and work effectively.

Give these gems a good read and let us know if you enjoyed reading them.


If reading 250 pages is not your thing, then blogs are a great source of information. You can find concise information in a readable format. Spend a few minutes and boom you are the enlightened one. Blogs are not only a great source of ideas on how you can improve yourself but also a great way to find out the root cause of your problems. Here are a few blogs that cover remote work and will help you gain more knowledge on remote work. These sites often have tips on how you can work remotely.

  • Doist Blog: Not only is the blog packed with resources for remote working but also has amazing productivity tips.
  • Know your team blog: This blog talks about leadership skills and how you can become a better leader.
  • Nodesk: A blog curated for all the digital nomads, remote workers, and digital professionals out there.

Tools make your life easier. They can be used to make your lives easier and hassle-free. Make sure you use the right tools to get your task done effectively.

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