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Lash Extension Hacks Every Lash Artist Needs To Know

We all must have started as newbies and become clueless about so many things. All throughout the years, there are so many things that we have tried and tested, and it works very well in lash extensions

There is some lash techniques advice from the artist that you can try on your own. It would be beneficial for you and help you with that lash journey. So, let’s know some of the tips and tricks that hopefully help you, and you can try them.

Purposeful hacks you need to know to be a lash expert

#Hack 1 – Ideas for storing your lash adhesive 

Store your adhesive in a vault as it protects it from humidity after you open it. You can stock it in the refrigerator for 6 months before opening it. Lash adhesives are incredibly selective and affected highly by external elements such as heat and oxygen. 

Stock up in advance  

You can keep them packed in the fridge for 6 months and especially plan for the summer months. The last thing you want for your adhesive is to sit them in your mailbox. It dramatically damages the adhesive. You don’t want your adhesive to be ruined when you have a week full of appointments. 

Store it at the proper temperature

If you refrigerate your adhesive, ensure that the temperature should be lower than 10 degrees C/50 degrees F. Store it in a closed package with a silica gel pack. Usually, a lash adhesive that is not opened can stay fresh in the fridge for 8 months.

Throw away open adhesive after 4 weeks

The above steps will keep your adhesive as fresh as possible for up to 4 weeks. And after 4 weeks, discard your remaining adhesive and open a new bottle for optimum results.

#Hack 2 – Always burp your adhesive 

You want your adhesive to last for as long as possible. So to do that, always burp your adhesive. If you do not let the adhesive burp, the air will get into the adhesive, and it makes it less effective faster.

#Hack 3 – Stay away from eyelash extension retention issues

Humidity and dehumidifier 

Lash adhesive performs ideally in humidity that ranges from 40-60%. Get a hydrometer to balance the room humidity under control. It’s a must and inexpensive to purchase. If your room is full of moisture, use a dehumidifier to keep your work environment moisture in control. 

Shake your glue thoroughly

Your temperature should be in the correct range to make your glue stay consistent. 72-77 degrees F is ideal. If your glue sits for quite a long, the components might separate, so you must shake it for about 30-60 seconds to make it mix properly. 

Clean lashes

Your natural lashes need to be squeaky clean. For proper use of adhesive, removal of natural oils and debris is a must. And a primer can be pretty helpful in this step. 

Use of Adhesive 

Don’t use too much adhesive. It can damage your natural lash and can cause you a lash allergy. Also, it makes your lash extension pop right off. Definitely use it with a balance, and it needs to be just right.

#Hack 4 – Shake your lash adhesive   

Volume lashes retention is a complicated subject that we could talk about for a long time. Many factors need to be fixed. If your adhesive is not mixed properly, it will appear like condensation. We suggest having a glue shaker on hand that does the job much more efficiently. 

#Hack 5 – The trick is to hold the tweezer correctly

You need to guess the handgrip correctly to prevent any fatigue and injury. The proper method allows your wrist to be at a natural position and even forces the tweezer to hold the lash/fan. 

Are you the one who holds tweezers like you are holding a pencil? Practice daily to correct it. Then, when you have the grip, we assure you that it feels more natural, and practicing will improve your speed. Also, it will help you to prevent this carpal tunnel syndrome. 

#Hack 6 – Proper isolation technique is necessary

Learn about double-handed isolation techniques. Use both of your hands to isolate the lashes, as it is one of the easiest ways to work on your classic set of eyelash extensions on your client. You can take the help of your second hand to isolate yourself until you feel confident. 

Also, you can isolate the lashes vertically by using patches or tape to visualize the lash layers and get every lash. 

Master these hacks and be popular in town! 

No lash artist wants to become fabled for a messed-up job, especially such a novice mistake as in sticking to a lash extension. It gives the client an attractive look and also causes damage to their natural lash in the long term. As a lash artist, use this hacking technique and make every client happy with comfortable lashes every time. Not by an eyesore, that is figurative! 

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