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Laptop Charger & Adapters-Best Options for Laptop Users

Do you ever feel like your laptop charger doesn’t perform at the same level anymore? Since electronics can degrade over time, your observation is probably correct. Just like we change our laptops from time to time, changing their accessories is just as crucial. And when it comes to accessories, there’s nothing more essential than the charger that always keeps you going. However, there is no shortage of charger options in the market, and you have lots of options to choose from, but you must choose the charger that is compatible with your device.  In this article, we’re giving you a list of the best ones out there. Esource Parts can provide its customers an ideal laptop adapter at the most reasonable price point.

Let’s take a look at the different options available.

5 Best Laptop Charger & Adapters


  • Targus 90W Universal Laptop Charging Power Adapter Charger

This distinct laptop charger works with laptops made by Lenovo, IBM, and Asus. Since most people prefer black chargers, you can pick up the product in this color. As the adapter type is a wall charger, you will have guaranteed speedy charging. Thanks to the alternating current flow and 90 Watts of power, you won’t have any problem charging up your laptop. Moreover, it also supports brand-name notebooks such as Sony, Toshiba, Acer, etc. The charger also offers a high-quality build and surge protection. There is no way your charger is getting damaged because of power fluctuations. 

  • 87W Power Adapter Type C Laptop Charger 

As there are various power options to choose from in this laptop adapter, you can choose whatever works best for your device. There are three different power output varieties available. You can choose between 20.2V /4.3A, 9V/3A, and 5.2V/2.4A. With these choices in mind, the highest power output goes up to 87W. Depending on the voltage amount, you can also use this product as a USB-C adapter for your laptop. As it boasts universal compatibility for Apple MacBook Pro, you can use this charger with any Pro model. Thanks to the durable materials, you don’t have to worry about accidental damage. Moreover, this power adapter is compact and light, making it relatively easy to carry around. 

  • 61W Power Adapter Type C Laptop Charger

The 61W USB-C Power Adapter allows you to charge your devices quickly and efficiently. You can easily charge up at home, in the workplace, or on the go. This laptop adapter works with any USB-C unit. However, the recommended usage is with your 13-inch Apple MacBook. Due to the high-quality build, this product is just as efficient as the original charger. As it weighs only 8.8 ounces, it’s considerably simple to carry around. However, you should note that it doesn’t come packed with a charging cord. Thanks to its folding ability, you don’t have to worry about your wires bending and breaking. 

  • 44W US Plug AC Power Adapter Charger

Do you own a Microsoft Surface Pro and face issues while finding the suitable laptop adapter for your needs? Thanks to this product, you won’t have to worry about that any longer. As its design is unique to Microsoft Surface Pro 3, 4, and 2017, you know its compatibility beforehand. 

Many people leave their laptops on charge overnight, which can be damaging in some cases. However, this adapter will give you no such issue. Due to the overcharge protection system, you can leave your laptop on charge and wake up to a full battery. Apart from that, the built-in IC chip protection prevents short circuits. It also protects from current overload and guards from overheating. The small and light design is perfect for carrying around. Since there is an extra USB connector, you can also conveniently charge other devices like your phone while using a laptop. 44 Watts of power and an output of 15V/2.58A mean that you won’t ever run out of juice. Thanks to the high-quality cable and pin, you can provide consistent charging to your laptop.

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 1 & 2 AC Charger Adapter Power Supply Cord Cable

As mentioned in its name, this product is compatible with Microsoft Surface Pro 1 and 2. Due to the small and compact form factor, the charger is very portable. Moreover, top-notch circuitry means over-heating, over-charge, and over-current protection. This ambitious laptop charger comes with an intelligent IC chip that detects when your laptop is fully charged and puts it in energy-saving mode. Since the AC materials use the highest-quality build materials, there are various safeguarding features. This product allows you to use your device and charge it up simultaneously.

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Related FAQ for Laptop Charger & Adapters

How do I know which charger & adapters I need for my laptop?

Before you plan to invest in the adapter for a laptop, check its model number and power requirements.

Remember, using a charger with the wrong power requirements (voltage can potentially damage your device) is often caused by too high voltage. Likewise, using a charger with very low voltage might fry the power supply, but not your laptop. 

Can I use any laptop charger to charge my laptop?

No. As said above, the voltage requirement is important to be met; you should never use another laptop’s charger to charge your device. 

Plugging a different charger that is not suitable for your specific model will only put your device at risk. Be cautious!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are lots of high-quality laptop chargers out there. However, considering all the options before you get your hands on one would be clever. Esource Parts can help you get a charger at the best value. 

The brand is the leading supplier of laptop accessories in Canada. You just name it and have it at your doorstep. Moreover, Esource Parts provides discounts on these add-ons; however, you’ll need to stay updated to avail the best discount.   

Thank you for reading this informative guide.

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