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Know the Specific Features of Cheap VPS Hosting plans

Virtual Private Server or VPS is a development of shared web hosting. It offers better cost efficiency and flexibility than shared hosting without having to incur high dedicated server usage costs. A cheap VPS, in simple words, is a server running within a server and you can take advantage of its very affordable price. One virtual server hosts multiple virtual servers, and each of these servers runs separately from the other. Virtualization is achieved through software known as a hypervisor.

The hypervisor is responsible for disconnecting the virtual server. Each visual component gets its own RAM, CPU specification, and disk space. Users have access to dedicated services, enabling them to use their websites efficiently. Once the division and distribution of resources have been achieved, VPS servers act as separate dedicated servers. Therefore, users get root access to the server, which allows them to customize it and customize it according to their needs. After splitting, the Cheap VPS finds a remote location. The isolation feature allows the user to make changes to his or her own server and does not affect another VPS within the main server.

You can check out the best and Cheap VPS hosting at Onlive Server. However, as the market is full of service providers, it becomes a challenge to identify the right vendor who can provide you with quality services. These are the following signs of a good and cheap VPS hosting provider.

Maximum Server Time

A downtime or offline hosting server will greatly affect the performance and continuity of your business. Determine your service provider’s warranty period. It is usually directly related to the amount you pay each month for your hosting service. For example, the cost of a 99.99% downtime guarantee will be higher than a 99.95% guarantee. Choose a maximum time guarantee to reduce the risk of expiration.

Customer Support

The seller must provide you with 24/7 customer support. If you encounter any technical issues, they should be immediately available so that you do not waste time, which can cost your business a lot. You may receive updates on the availability of support from your potential service provider and quality.


Performing a cost-benefit analysis of your provider’s services will give you an idea of their performance. If the retailer offers a lower initial cost than the normal market price, it may indicate a reduction in costs in a particular area or lower quality services. It may also reveal hidden costs. The seller must pay a fine and the amount of the item must be paid first.

Unlike other hosting providers that limit the basic operating system that enables a server, Onlive Server also offers a choice of Windows or Linux. This means you also have a choice of cPanel or Plesk control panel to manage your server. It doesn’t seem like there are any pre-defined client plans, this is a good thing because it ensures you pay for what you plan to use. You can start hosting for as low as $ 9 / month but that will only get you a basic server. You should purchase other essentials separately, such as Firewall, from $ 70 / month, or Upload balances starting at $ 20 / month, etc.


Consider the security features offered by your dealer. Although VPS hosting is more secure than shared hosting, the provider should use additional security features to keep the server secure. Our Cloud-based Cheap VPS solutions often provide better security. Cyber threats have become more prevalent in recent times. And server security must be improved to eliminate any threats to data security.

Make a backup copy

Look for available backup data solutions that could be your seller. Many web hosting companies offer backups, but they vary by service level. It varies depending on backup frequency, data retention time, easy data retrieval, automation, custom editing, and more.


These are some of the important things to consider when choosing the right VPS hosting provider. It will allow you to improve user experience, greater cost savings, and improve overall performance. We have a variety of cheap and best hosting solutions for you as Best Cloud VPS to match your creative needs.

Best Cloud VPS
Best Cloud VPS

Your organization can improve great consistency, complete server control, increased productivity in the green space, faster measurement resources, and complete savings by choosing the Best Cloud VPS Solutions on Onlive Server.

In Onlive Server, its virtual servers are in a data center near you. It is also an established hosting company and one of the few web hosts that have been recognized by Alexa.com. Onlive Server is headquartered in Ghaziabad, Noida, India.

We provide the Best Cloud VPS hosting which is one of the most popular cloud VPS providers in the market. It has a fantastic support team behind its service and also offers 24/7 technical assistance to its customers all around the world. If you are looking for reliable cloud VPS services. Then look no further as Best Cloud VPS is a great choice.

Our cloud VPS hosting is best for those who want to use a Best Cloud VPS without making any customized changes. The plans that come with root access are the most flexible and can be used by experienced webmasters. Here it offers service to every customer. The support team is very helpful and pleasant to interact with.

Reference: https://wizarticle.com/get-the-best-website-hosting-in-vancouver/

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