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Is It Cheaper To Replace Glass In A Window?

With passing years, windows can be exposed to some wear and tear, prompting a homeowner to seek replacement windows. Damages in your windows might range from broken glass because of an unintentional physical impact to something as simple as a cloudy appearance obscuring the view outside. Depending on your situation, you may be confused about what type of window repair you require, whether replacing the glass in a window or replacing the whole unit.

replacing the glass in a window

Which Option Is More Cost-Effective?

Repairing a window, replacing the glass, or buying a brand new window are some options when your windows need some treatment. The decision eventually comes down to two things: personal choice and financial constraints. Vinyl window manufacturers can guide you about the best option for your windows. One thing is sure; replacing the glass is always a cheaper option than buying a brand new window.

Window glass replacement

Replacing the glass in a window is by far the most straightforward and cost-effective way of fixing the damages.

If a stray baseball or rock has cracked your window glass, it’s best to replace it. In most cases, doing so will result in a faster installation time and a lesser cost.

Depending on the type of window frame, the steps for replacing window glass may differ slightly.

1.    Cost

Several factors influence the cost of replacing the glass in a window. This includes the type of glass you want to use, the size of the pane, and the window style you’re replacing.

The typical cost range is $165 to $374, with the average amount spent by homeowners being around $269. The average cost of various types of glass is as follows:

Single-glazed: $3 to $6 per square foot

Double-glazed: $10-$14 per square foot

Tempered/impact-resistant: $12 to $14 per square foot

Laminated: $10 to $20 per square foot

However, the cost can be significantly different in some other areas. It would be best if you asked your vinyl windows manufacturer about the latest prices.

2.    Advantages

Replacing the glass in a window is less expensive than replacing the entire window. This method is generally cheaper because the window frame isn’t disturbed as much as with a whole window replacement.

If you like your windows’ primary color and style, replacing the glass will help you keep the same look. This is especially crucial in ancient residences or buildings that are located in a historic district.

The manufacturing of custom replacement windows takes at least two weeks. When a custom outside color is added to the windows, the manufacturing period can be more than two weeks. Dual-color grids, for example, are a unique feature. The production time is reduced by replacing the glass with a single-pane glass or an insulated glass unit (IGU).

3.    Disadvantages

The glass may or may not come with warranty claims, depending on the company you choose. If you spend money on a repair, make sure it’s covered in the long run. A warranty is probably not an issue if you’re only searching for a quick remedy. If you plan on staying in the house for a long time, you might want to consider replacing all of the windows.

The cause that resulted in the glass failing may still present when a whole widow is not replaced. When a window frame (or wall) causes a break in the glass or a seal failure on an IGU, simply replacing the glass may not be enough to solve the problem. If the glass breaks frequently, you might go for vinyl window replacement in Calgary or elsewhere.

Window replacement

While replacing a window’s glass is the less expensive alternative, a window replacement is often considered a superior long-term solution because it tackles severe damage to your windows. The following are some indicators that you need to contact vinyl windows manufacturers for window replacement:

  • The windows are frequently clogged.
  • Condensation is visible and frequent on your glass.
  • Water damage is visible on the window hardware and the surrounding surfaces.
  • The windows are either leaking or poorly insulated.
  • Outside noise pouring through windows bothers you even when they are closed.


Replacing windows is more expensive than just replacing the glass in a window. Replacement windows can cost anything from $175 to $700 each window, with high-end windows costing anywhere from $800 to $1,200 per window.

These costs are determined by several criteria, including the integrity of the frames, the design of a window, and any additional construction required to install the new replacement window.


Replacing your complete window can cost up to 50% more than simply replacing the glass, but if you want to fix the deeper-seated problems with your current windows or improve the visual appeal of your home, the extra expense may be worth it! Vinyl windows manufacturer can help you in this regard.


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