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Interior Door Trends 2022

Often, we forget such important elements as interior or interior doors. Walls, floors, or furniture require much study and investment. However, the doors should not be left behind either, since they are part of the home decoration. That’s right, interior doors can be a decorative plus, they can even become the star piece of a room, depending on how they are. Today we are talking about the interior door trends of 2022. Doors are an essential element in our home, as they provide comfort, privacy, and security and, at the same time, are an important part of aesthetics and decoration. That is why we will talk about the latest trends in interior doors since different alternatives will surely adapt to your needs and, simultaneously, allow you to enjoy a modern, elegant, and much more welcoming home.

Interior Door Trends 2022

Here are some interior door trends you need to look for.

1. Wooden Doors

Wood goes with everything, that’s how it is. No matter what style of home you have, well-chosen interior wooden doors can give warmth to a Nordic, rustic, and even industrial environment. The trend is in straight lines, without too much marquetry. The smooth ones are highly demanded, although there are also more modern models that include steel details. Below we can see a beautiful interior wooden door with stainless steel details.

2. White Interior Doors

Of the lacquered doors, the white ones will continue to be in the most demand. It is not surprising, and it is that the white interior doors acquire an absolute protagonism to the rest of the decorative elements. A gray wall, for example, will look very well complemented by this type of door. The white color goes perfectly with cold colors and any other shade. As for the different models, as in the previous case, white doors are preferred plain, that is the trend. However, in certain vintage environments, it is not surprising that we see some white interior doors with marquetry.

3. Lacquered Doors In Other Colors

Yes, white lacquered interior doors are the most popular, but more and more people prefer them in other colors. It is not common, or it was not, the truth is that now anything goes. In 2022 we are going to see more colored lacquered doors. Black, for example, is ideal for contrasting white environments. They are widely used indoors, which is why most manufacturers include them in their door catalogs.

4. Black Doors

And as opposed to the white doors with black handles, we have the black interior doors, which have been designed to achieve a much more effective contrast with the walls, ceilings, floors, and other furniture in the environment. The interior black doors convey great elegance and sophistication, in addition to helping to capture the attention in front of everything around. Keep in mind that black has an interesting advantage, which is the fact that it hides dirt much better.

5. Smooth Doors

We move on to another of the trends in interior doors, which are smooth interior doors, which have been designed to offer maximum simplicity and blend in with the environment. However, different colors can be combined to create very interesting contrasts, and precisely thanks to the colored doors, combining is easier than ever. It also has an important advantage: a plain door is easier to clean than a door with drawings, so installing a plain white lacquered door is no longer a problem when it comes to cleaning.

If you opt for a plain white door and a light-colored wall, you will be able to hide it as much as possible since a fantastic sense of continuity is created that increases the impression that the spaces are larger, thus favoring the corridor and the environment. Special mention to the casement door, which offers the advantages already listed, also has an interesting extra, which is the fact that it is not necessary to make a double partition to hide the door when it is opened.

6. Glass Doors

As for glass doors, also known as French doors, they are ideal for gaining light in houses with little natural light, thus creating a more pleasant, healthy environment without the need to depend so much on artificial light. This type of door adapts perfectly to many rooms, highlighting the living room, dining room, and kitchen, areas in which so much privacy is not required and, therefore, open up to new possibilities when it comes to enjoying more open spaces and especially much brighter.

7. Sliding Barn Doors

We finish the latest trends in interior doors with sliding barn doors. This type of door is characterized by being of a rustic and much more traditional style, and in fact, it receives its name precisely because of the resemblance that exists with the barn doors that were used in the past. Thanks to this type of door, you will be able to give a much more exclusive and different touch, with great elegance as well as a fantastic contrast, without forgetting that we will be able to enjoy a resistant type of door, well insulated and that will provide great decorative wealth to any room where we place it.

8. White Doors With Black Handles

White doors with black handles have a great capacity for adaptation thanks to the fact that they combine with everything and they manage to create a more modern and up-to-date look. It is a trend that is undoubtedly marking these last few years, and for the next few years, it is presented with many ideal alternatives to combine with any type of decorative style, guaranteeing that the white door with the black handle will create a pleasant and very satisfying environment. The objective is to give more life to the classic white door, transmitting a great elegance and a very pleasant contrast that allows the counterpoint we are looking for to create a modern environment. The white door with the black handle is a combination that guarantees balance and harmony, thus making the doors an element that attracts attention and forms a very representative part of the decoration.


While there are many interior door trends 2022, you must take special care while painting the doors. Painting doors starts with selecting the right paint that blends well with the interior walls and also gives a good look at the same time. To choose the paint and paint the doors, you must speak to a professional painter in Toronto.

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